What Is Soul Coaching®?

“At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders. Soul Coaching® is a simple path of the heart to the temple that dwells at its depth”.
~ Denise Linn




The aim of Soul Coaching® is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life. It is a system that helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within.

It also helps you discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports that mission. Soul Coaching® is a process of discovery that helps you listen to the voice of your soul to gain self-understanding and align yourself with your soul’s plan for you. You will learn who you are and why you are here. Your soul will give you guidance as you discover your purpose in life. You will learn to dissolve blocks to your passion and joy. Outer success, without inner awareness and wisdom can feel as if something is missing. Soul Coaching® is a spiritual experience that offers guidance and support to help you clear out the inner debris of your life and connect with the wisdom of your soul.


A Soul Coach is unique among other coaches. Many people associate the word “coach” with the image of someone who drives his athletes towards improvement and perfection. This same model for coaching was fostered when life coaching became widespread. Traditional life coaches motivate, push, prod, and hold their clients accountable to reach a higher level of excellence. This model of coaching works well in many cases, however it often can lead to a kind of fatigue of the soul.

As life coaching expanded in popularity, modern businesses were quick to utilize it in their departments—refining techniques of motivation. Coaching seemed to reflect the current trends in modern culture towards faster productivity. However, even with all the latest coaching methods, timesaving devices, organizational systems and motivation technology, something was still missing. There was a need for an everyday experience of spirit and a connection to the inner states of intuition, mystery and wonder. Soul Coaching® was created in response to this need and this makes it unique in its field.

It is important to note that Soul Coaching® is not therapy. Therapy usually focuses on emotional healing. It is also different than life coaching, which focuses on the attainment of a goal through motivation or inspiration. Soul Coaching®, however, is different from these practices as its primary aim is to clear away inner debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom.


Almost everyone who goes through the 28-day Soul Coaching® program experiences profound and lasting transformations in their life. You already have all the answers you need. It’s simply a matter of inner and outer clutter clearing to connect with this wisdom. Soul Coaching® is a powerful way to remove blockages, limitations and barriers to your authentic self.

The 28-Day Program is a spiritual journey that is divided into four one-week periods. Each week is dedicated to one of the four elements—Air (mental), Water (emotional), Fire (spiritual) and Earth (physical)—for our lives are tied in some mysterious and organic way to the elements of nature. By clearing and activating the elements within us—through daily exercises—we also clear blockages and limitations from our lives so we can hear the secret messages from the soul. It’s a total inner and outer clutter clearing of your life.



My studies have been rich and varied, and I still use everything I ever learned in my Soul Coaching® work! I was training in 1991 in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® when my dream life suddenly became very active! Over the years, I’ve come to be recognized as an expert dream teacher, a Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Mentor and I’ve done tons of talks, workshops, lectures, radio and TV…In fact, you can’t shut me up on the topic of dreams and Soul Coaching®!  But it always comes back to this: I am curious and passionate about both dreams and Soul Coaching® and how they can help us tap into our innate wisdom to gain self-knowledge and point us in the direction of happiness and success.

As a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer, I trained with the founder of Soul Coaching®, Denise Linn, a renowned Hay House author, healer and dream expert, and I have served as a Mentor for her online courses since 2010. As body-centred practitioner, I studied with Ilana Rubenfeld, the “Grande Dame” of “touch and talk” and pioneer of body-centred psychotherapy, as well as studying with dream shaman and author, Robert Moss; all have trained me personally. I am so passionate about dreams as “soul technology” that I even found a way to get my Master’s degree in it, researching the role of dreams in healing in ancient Greece. My dream healing oracle deck, The Abaton Keys®, grew out of that research and the unleashing of my intuitive and creative side. And now, with the death of friends and family, I wanted to learn more about loss so I added a certificate in Grief and Bereavement Education, and now lead support groups and offer Soul Coaching® in recovering from loss….because I dreamt it! My curiosity leads me to honour my dreams and grow professionally, but it was Soul Coaching® that brought it all together!


I was searching. Searching for more conversations with my own spirit in my personal life, and at the same time, searching for a way to work with my clients that included their spirit and their spiritual issues. Trained in body-centred psychotherapy and energy work, at the time, I had a busy private practice of more than fifteen years that included serving as a Reiki Master and well as a specialist in dream work. Over time, I was doing less and less body-mind psychotherapy because my clients would bring their metaphysical questions to me and wanted to explore spiritual issues. They knew they were safe to explore their spiritual questions with me and often we searched together! It wasn’t enough to get in touch with their physical pain and the emotions that fed them (though it was important work that had to be done), without working through the mental and spiritual realms too. I investigated many professional options, but I found that their approaches were often uneven and didn’t include the whole person.

In Soul Coaching® I found a method to work with the whole person! I found a way to work with my clients that gave equal weight to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. Many modalities work with primarily one of these realms. Some body therapies discourage too much thinking and processing while emphasizing feelings. Other therapies work with just the spirit through contemplative approaches, one’s physical health through the body or energy work, one’s emotions in talk therapy and so on. As Soul Coaching® Practitioners we learned how to guide our clients over the terrain of their whole Self; to find where the road twists and turns, where the potholes are and how to walk the path of growth and self-evolution with our clients because we’ve been there too!

Soul Coaching® works holistically using energy and space clearing techniques along with power of the four elements of air, water, fire and earth.  Mental thoughts and attitudes, belief systems, emotions, creativity, spirit and the physical body are all explored with the guidance of a Soul Coach. We do this first in our own lives and then we learn how to guide our clients in clutter clearing all aspects of their life so that they can hear the authentic voice of their heart and soul.

And the bonus? Soul Coaching® makes space for your dreams, intuition, personal guidance and insights and teaches you to trust your own intuitive and wise self. As a dreamer and dream teacher, that was very important to me! Most impressively, is that Soul Coaching® does it in a grounded and balanced way. As someone going through the 28 days of Soul Coaching® and later, as a practitioner, then Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer, Soul Coaching taught me to facilitate miracles!!!!

Soul Coaching Lesson

“Patti is one of the very few individuals worldwide that I have personally chosen to carry the Soul Coaching® Legacy into the future, through training and certifying professional Soul Coaching® Practitioners.

Patti is an extraordinary Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and certified Soul Coaching® Trainer. She has attained the highest level of Soul Coaching® training and is one of a select group of individuals I have personally trained in my special method of coaching. She creates safe and nurturing environment for discovering the soul’s truth; those who attend her events experience remarkable transformations in their lives. As well, Patti has a profound depth of understanding of the world of dreams and the deeper workings of the soul.” 
– Denise Linn, Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching®              



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A Professional Certification Course

  • Do you want to help others find healing in their lives?
  • Do you ready to find your purpose then assist others in finding theirs?
  • Do you want to support your clients in deep and transformational work?
  • Are you ready to expand an existing career or create a new path for your work?
  • Are you ready to live an authentic life in alignment with your soul and help others do the same?
  • Do you want to be part of an international community of Soul Coaching®

Practitioners who love what they do and make a difference in the world by doing what they love?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Soul Coaching® can be the answer!
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  • November 7-13, 2017, Toronto
  • March 12-18, 2018, Toronto

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