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Patti brings ground to where there is none, light and inspiration to the eager youthful mind, and structure and credibility to a field within which it is almost impossible to make directional choices without a competent guide. She is that guide.

Rae H., N.D.

Patti’s magic is her ability as a true weaver.  Patti has gathered the strings and patterns of my life and has woven for me the quilt that is my story.  Patti has been there through time, energy and emotion to support me in putting it all together through my own dreams and experiences.

Heather S.


Patti unscrambles complex dream information to make it understandable and relevant to the dreamer’s lived experience. This allows the dreamer to be aware of thoughts and feelings that he/she may not be consciously aware of. She has qualities of being strongly intuitive, sensitive, warm, and spiritual.

Andrea L.

Reiki master, energetic healer, dream interpreter, counselor, intuitive healer, helps balance the body, mind and spirit! 

Afsoun K., N.D.

Patti, you do indeed have a unique “brand”, something special which keeps me coming back. Several things come to mind in describing what you do so well. It starts with your office, which should not even be described as such. Rather, it feels like a mini-retreat, soothing the senses… The mood that is created helps to alleviate my tension and allows me to reach deeper into my thoughts. Once I begin to talk, I’ve learned that you don’t rush to interpret, instead you listen patiently and allow me to “unburden”. While this is going on, you quietly digest and assimilate, and ultimately translate and interpret my thoughts in a very meaningful and caring way. I don’t ever feel as if I’m being judged, but you do gently challenge me. Thank-you for always being so patient, and making me feel that every session is important.

Jacob K.

Patti helps you bridge the unconscious and the conscious, become whole, and come home to your true self. Words that come to mind are “visionary”, “healer”, “holistic”, “spiritual guide”…….

Sandee S.

Thank you for your insight and amazing in depth knowledge and understanding of dream symbols, archetypes, and dream resources. I really appreciate your compassion, groundedness, humour and gentle but significant questions that enable your students and clients to come to their own insight and understanding of their dreams.

Jill S.