Talks & Workshops

I love to present talks and workshops on the topics of Dreams and Soul Coaching®. Let me create one specially tailored to meet your group’s special interests!

Here are some of the talks I’ve done in the past:

  • The Abaton Keys®- The Seven Keys to Dream Healing
  • Ancient Wisdom/Modern Dreamers
  • Dreams, Intuition & Art (with artist, Jill Segal)
  • Dreams~ Your iGPS (inner Global Positioning System)
  • The Use of Dreams in Healing
  • Unlock The Mystery of Your Dreams
  • Dreams: Learning to Surf the Seas of Change
  • Dream Incubation for Health- Programming your dreams
  • Dreams: The Good, Bad and the Ugly- A look into so-called bad dreams, recurring dreams and nightmares
  • Dreamwork for Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Clutter Clearing for Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Soul Coaching®- Modern Day Alchemy
  • Navigating the Dreamtime: Understanding the nature of dreams, animal dreams and communication with Spirit
  • The Qualities of a Good Dream Investigator
  • Dreams and Divination