If you could hear a message

Soul Coaching® is a process of discovery that helps you listen to the voice of your soul to gain self-understanding and align yourself with your soul’s plan for you. You will learn who you are and why you are here. Your soul will give you guidance as you discover your purpose in life. You will learn to dissolve blocks to your passion and joy. Outer success, without inner awareness and wisdom can feel as if something is missing. Soul Coaching is a spiritual experience that offers guidance and support to help you clear out the inner debris of your life and connect with the wisdom of your soul.

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I am one of the few select individuals that can work with you on many levels. In one-on-one sessions through a carefully crafted program, she can take you on spiritual inner journeys—Soul Journeys—into the depth of your soul to receive the answers to the heartfelt questions of your life. No matter what stage of life one is in, most people find these journeys to be profoundly moving and transforming. Patti Allen is one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise has chosen to personally train in her specialized methods of coaching and has served as Mentor for her online courses for Hay House.

“Patti is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth.”
Denise Linn, Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching

What is the 28-Day Soul Coaching® Program?

The 28-Day Program is a spiritual journey that is divided into four one-week periods. Each week is dedicated to one of the four elements—Air (mental), Water (emotional), Fire (spiritual) and Earth (physical)—for our lives are tied in some mysterious and organic way to the elements of nature. By clearing and activating the elements within us—through daily exercises—we also clear blockages and limitations from our lives so we can hear the secret messages from the soul. It’s a total inner and outer clutter clearing of your life. I can work with you in person, online, or via Skype.

The next online group begins on Wednesday, September 5th and runs until October 10, 2018 (6 weeks), for only $197

Unique Among Other Soul Coaching® Programs

A Soul Coaching® Practitioner is unique among other coaches. Many people associate the word “coach” with the image of someone who drives his athletes towards improvement and perfection. This same model for coaching was fostered when life coaching became widespread. Traditional life coaches motivate, push, prod, and hold their clients accountable to reach a higher level of excellence. This model of coaching works well in many cases, however it often can lead to a kind of fatigue of the soul.

As life coaching expanded in popularity, modern businesses were quick to utilize it in their departments—refining techniques of motivation. Coaching seemed to reflect the current trends in modern culture towards faster productivity. However, even with all the latest coaching methods, timesaving devices, organizational systems and motivation technology, something was still missing. There was a need for an everyday experience of spirit and a connection to the inner states of intuition, mystery and wonder. Soul Coaching® was created in response to this need and this makes it unique in its field.

It is important to note that Soul Coaching® is not therapy. Therapy usually focuses on emotional healing. It is also different than life coaching, which focuses on the attainment of a goal through motivation or inspiration. Soul Coaching®, however, is different from these practices as its primary aim is to clear away inner debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom.

Soul Services:

28-Day Soul Coaching Program

As Certified Advanced Soul Coach, I will be your personal guide for a total inner and outer clutter clearing of your life (individual sessions or group sessions/online or in person). This program is the heart and soul of Soul Coaching.

The next online group begins on Wednesday, September 5th and runs until October 10, 2018 (6 weeks), for only $197

Soul Journeys

I can take you on one-on-one individual guided journeys into the depths of your soul. This allows you to truly hear the wisdom of your soul and gain answers to the questions of your life. (This can be done on the phone, by Skype, as well as in person.)

Past Life Soul Journeys

A Certified Advanced Past Life Coach, I can take you on one-on-one individual guided journeys into your past lives to clear old blockages. (This can be done on the phone , by Skype, as well as in person.)

Soul Clearing

Bell or Feather Clearing for the Soul: personal chakra and auric field clearing with the use of a bell or feather (individual sessions)

Spirit Creations (group sessions)

These are creative projects that can be done together with a group. I will facilitate and guide you through these projects that help open you to the realm of spirit.

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