My Dream Philosophy: Five Basics

  • Dreams have meaning and are not random firings of the neurons in your brain.
  • When it comes to understanding your dreams, experienced teachers can guide you but you are the only “expert”who can say what your dream means to you.
  • Dreams give you information on the state of your body, mind and spirit. They can connect you with your deceased loved ones, give you precognitive information, take you on astral travels, past life journeys, warn of illness, help you access spiritual truths and yes, they have everything to do with our emotions and our psychological states.
  • All dreams are valid experiences on the great continuum of consciousness, not imaginary adventures! We never say, “It was only a dream!”
  • Dreams are holographic in nature and the whole of your being can be found and accessed in each dream or dream fragment. And the way in, the way we access this dream hologram? Through the heart!

Dreams & Soul Coaching®

When Denise Linn created Soul Coaching® she brought with her a lifetime of experience and wisdom as a healer, Feng Shui expert, and author of many books, including The Hidden Power of Dreams! So the power of dreams as a tool for learning to listen to our inner voice is a given in Soul Coaching®. My own philosophy was a perfect fit with this beautiful work and it evolved over the years. Now it can be distilled down to this: Dreams are “soul technology” and paying attention to them is the easiest way to begin to receive the messages from our soul. That “small, still voice” that is sometimes hard to hear in the noise of daily life, has been speaking to you all along in your dreams! Are you listening?