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going forward butterflyIn ancient Greek mythology Dreams and Death were brothers. According to the poet Hesiod, Hypnos (Sleep), Oneiros (Dreams) and Thanatos (Death) were all sons of Nyx (Night). In Jewish tradition, the Talmud says that “…sleep is 1/60 of death, and dreams are 1/60 of prophecy. Dreams are the buds of prophecy.” If you’ve found your way to this page, perhaps it’s time to explore this deeply seeded connection. Dreams, death and sleep have been linked in the collective psyche for millennia!




Unlike typical grief support groups, Going Forward offers an integrated and holistic approach to coping with grief and loss. We incorporate mind/body awareness and exercises, meditation, dream work- including visitation dreams- with time to share our feelings and our stories.

In addition, we offer practical help and support for adjusting to the reality of living our lives without our loved ones.

We understand what widows and widowers need from a bereavement /support group and we incorporate spiritual wisdom and self-help techniques in an open and accepting environment.

About the Facilitators

Patti Allen, M.A.

Patti Allen, M.A. has a rich and varied background in the healing arts, education and public speaking. Certified as a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner, Trainer and Past Life Coach, trained in Gestalt and body-centered psychotherapy, Patti is a mentor and Reiki Master, and has run a successful private practice with a focus on “growing your soul” for more than twenty years.

Running dream groups since 1997, Patti has specialized in dreams, and it was because of a dream, where Patti was told “your job is death”, that she turned her attention to loss, grief and bereavement. Patti is honoured to facilitate and hold the space for healing and living with grief.


“What was most important to me as a client was Patti’s insights and her ability to facilitate my moving forward – you are far more than a witness.”
– S.S. (Educator)


“You bring to your work serenity and wisdom that immediately puts people at ease. You listen well, which is something that many people, even in the healing professions, do not do. You have an intuitiveness that is often “spot on”, and a spirituality that defines you.”
– J.E. (Administrator)



Frances Saltzman, B.A.

Frances Saltzman, B.A. has always been a trailblazer from joining the RCMP in 1975 and being Canada’s first Jewish female Mountie, to becoming the RCMP Veteran’s Association first female Divisional President, to now, walking the path of widowhood. Fran has a unique ability to draw people out and understand underlying emotions. Fran worked with Survivor’s of the Shoah as an interviewer of Holocaust survivors and continues to utilize these skills as a recruiter/interviewer with the RCMP.

Fran’s personal experience with loss, when her beloved husband died quite unexpectedly, has inspired her to help others in their journey through grief.


“I find it amazing to have a facilitator who is walking in our shoes. Fran’s warmth and honesty are an inspiration.”
– L.S.

“Fran gave us insights into her struggles as she went through the same experience.”
– F.N.

“Fran’s wisdom is profound.”
– S.M.K.

“Fran’s empathetic nature was helpful in my journey.”
– A.K.

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Going Forward offers groups for bereavement and loss and an opportunity to explore on introductory levels, as well as in deeper on-going levels of participation. Contact Patti or Fran for more information.

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