Dream Library

dream library

The Library of Dreams, is a place to learn and reflect the wisdom of the ages, which in this case includes your inner wisdom! It is not a dream “dictionary” in the traditional sense where interpretations for dreams and symbols are defined or meanings pronounced. You are your own best expert! This is a non-exhaustive but expanding list that grew out of questions that dreamers have asked me most often, over the years. Use them only as a way to jog your own associations to symbols, object or situations in your dreams or to have some interesting conversations with the other dreamers in your life. I know it seems contradictory that I have a section like this available when I’m always saying that what your dream symbols mean to you are not the same as what they may mean to someone else! But I want to respect the fact that sometimes you will just feel stuck on a particular symbol and you may just want some fast associations and help with a dream that has stayed with you, asking to be understood!

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If you would like me to discuss other symbols or dream scenarios that you don’t see here, send your questions to patti@pattiallen.com.