Dream groups

Sharing is the back and forth movement that propels our life forward, just like a bird that flies. Dreaming sharing is precisely the same thing for me. And like the two sides of our breathing, I receive the dream in and then equally essential I need to exhale and bring it out into the world. In the back and forth of the conversation much is discovered.

Bonnie C.

Dream sharing is opening to vulnerability and allowing your inner most soul messages to be shared, healed, embraced and celebrated. A life changing process.

Tami D.

Share your dreams, your inner stories, and transform your life.

  1. Gain insights from others dreamers as they imagine that your dream is their own.
  2. Confidentiality, support and connection are guaranteed as common dream themes and concerns are worked through.
  3. Begin sharing symbols and meaning that may benefit you and other dreamers.
  4. All dreams help us grow. Learn to laugh at the challenging or scary dreams and to transform them into healing dreams, with the support of like-minded dreamers.
  5. Learn how to mine your dreams for insights, creative ideas, and problem-solving.

Cyber Dream Groups are led by Patti and meet by conference call, every other week. Each dream group will also have the opportunity to connect though a private on-line forum between sessions for addition dream sharing and learning.

Next Dream Group (in Toronto) Tuesdays, starting January 8-29, 2019

Fee: $100 for 4 sessions

If you and your friends would like your own private dream group, just contact Patti and the group dates will be personally tailored to meet your needs.