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Seeking Purpose: 5 Essentials

Heart-Centered Dreamwork Soul Coaching® May 7, 2017

Seeking Purpose

Are you seeking your purpose? I often reexamine my path and find myself seeking and questioning my purpose. Remember this rhyme from your childhood for counting and choosing things, “Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief?” (Is that even politically correct?) Sometimes I wonder if between lives, our soul is messing with us in the same way and our choice of “what to be” is determined by a seemingly random children’s counting rhyme? But then I have a dream and I remember who I am.

You’re not alone!

Who am I? Several times a year, it seems, I question my purpose. (Don’t judge me!) Not quite interrogation, I can nevertheless be hard on myself as I wonder what my purpose is. And if we have a purpose or a soul plan for our lives, how is it to be expressed? I have concluded, without a doubt- I’m always doubting, so this is big- that archetypally, I am a teacher. I may teach in the form of a mentor or guide, and my subjects are dreams and spirit, not history or math, but teach is what I do.

What’s your sacred contract?

I studied Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts with my students many years ago. Being impatient, I cast the wheel of my archetypes when I first read her now classic work, and then cast it again as I refined it with my students and the help of Martie Hughes from Lilydale. At first, the Teacher was in my 6th house of work and health, but in the second approximation it came to rest in my 3rd house of communication. Rather than continue to beat myself up for doing it twice, I now understand that differently. What, in my younger years, started out to be just a job came to rest now in the area that speaks to who I AM and is just as fundamental. I am a communication-loving Gemini after all!

It makes sense to me that teaching is as fundamental to my existence as communication and that it infuses every aspect of who I am and my daily life. (As an aside, that may be interesting to no one but myself, that in high school I joined the Future Teachers of America because my mother was a teacher and I thought that’s what women did. Later my mother and her cousin both ganged up on me and talked me out of getting my teaching credential. I know it was the violent 70’s and you were just worried about me, but I ended up teaching anyway, Mom!)

New beginnings

Five years ago, my husband reinvented himself, and I found that my own sense of direction floundered. I have always thought of him as my rock, I just never imagined that my own direction would wobble because of his own career changes. That’s so 1950′s! On further refection, I know that that view is a simplistic one but after all the Sturm und Drang (storm and stress), guess what? I’m still a teacher. I don’t like having to market myself and beat the bushes for students, so that makes me an underpaid teacher, but I’m changing all that! I’ve been waiting for a dream to confirm my direction, but since I clearly know what it is, my dreams have been telling me other things.

The windmills of my mind

If all of this meandering through the windmills of my mind resonates with your own path, then let my own struggles with my purpose and direction serve to comfort and support you. I struggle just like you do and if I can figure it out, so can you! Here’s what’s key to this exploration:

  1. Truth- Be honest and let the truth of who you are come through…Even if you don’t like the answers, ask for the truth always.
  2. Patience- The answers don’t always come when we want them so much as when we are ready to hear them. Ego time and Soul time (or Chronos and Kairos) aren’t usually on the same schedule, though they can occasionally meet up.
  3. Trust- Trust that you will be directed and find ourselves exactly where you are meant to be and in spite of what appears to be the situation, you will get where you are meant to go. (See “Mom” above)
  4. Self-love- Even if you struggle with developing healthy self-esteem, if you don’t love yourself even a little, then it’s hard to honour the answers you get from your Higher Self. If you’re not really to look in the mirror and declare your undying love for yourself just yet, then look at yourself and say “I’m willing to consider the possibility of loving myself!”
  5. Dreams- Both inner GPS and early warning system, your dreams will help you see the truth of any situation in your life. Trust them, but get support in understanding them if they are unclear or scary.

Actually, now that I think of it, these qualities are essential to any journey, not only the journey to discover your purpose. Send me your reports from the road and I’ll do the same. If you think you know what your soul wants for you, then when each opportunity comes along, ask yourself, “Is this in alignment with my soul’s purpose?” If it’s a good match then go for it. You will feel the truth of your choice in your heart and your body!

Blog Dream Courses Dreamsharing Heart-Centered Dreamwork August 27, 2016

The power of groups is well known. Let me explain for those who have never attended a group of any sort. Group work is not unlike a candle flame. Have you ever felt the heat of one candle with your hand? Of course you have! And as you add candles, the heat expands and you can feel it from further out. So, for example, the heat from the candles of a Baby Boomer’s birthday cake, will be much hotter than a 5 year old’s cake! (Better make a wish and blow out those candles fast, before the cake melts!)

It’s the same with people’s energy. One person, talking to another, will have an exchange of energy. But add many people to the circle, and the energy builds exponentially. That’s why I love group work! Groups have the power and the energy to facilitate deep awareness and lasting change. The “heat” of many souls is powerful and works as an alchemical catalyst in your metaphysical kitchen.

Whether a BBQ and sing-along around a fire pit, where the food tastes better and the harmonies are exquisite,  or in psychotherapy, where the power of groups is well-documented, people can always feel the difference. In regard to the therapeutic use of groups, Mary Ann Huckabay, Ph.D. writes,

“Groups provide their members with a community of peers, whose experience and understanding echo the vicissitudes and wisdom of one’s own life. Groups provide a safe harbor for exploring essential life issues…” [Gestalt Therapy, p. 303].

In my own world, one of my dream groups just ended after 12 years (that’s not a dream group record, but it’s MY dream group record!) , yet the members have become close and want to continue to meet socially.

I bring this up because every August, I plan my groups for the coming Fall. And as I consider what I want to offer, I can feel the energy rising. This year, even more so, as I add more group opportunities to the mix. In addition to my on-going (some are online)  dream groups, I’m adding grief support to the mix:

DREAMSHARING: 8 weeks online…..FULL

GATEWAY DREAMING: A 4-week online dream group for those who want to get a taste of working with dreams, bringing body, mind and spirit into the process….$75.00. Perfect for beginners in dream-catching as well as experienced dreamers. Begins Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 @1-3 pm EASTERN- 3 SPACES STILL AVAILABLE

TORONTO DREAM GROUP: In person, in North York, this 6 session group will meet over September and November as we explore dreams in an experiential way; including body/mind dream work, Psi dreaming and Spiritual dreams. $150, starting Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 @ 7:30 pm- 4 SPACES AVAILABLE

A DIFFERENT KIND OF BEREAVEMENT GROUP: 6 Sessions, North York location, for those who have lost their significant other. Discussion and support, meditation and Tapping (EFT), dreamwork and more. $180, beginning Thursday, September 15th, 2016

I hope you will contact me, even if you are just curious and want to ask some questions. The power that builds in a group, may be the very push you need to help get you over the hurdles in life. Let’s turn up the group energy this Fall!

Dreams & Soul Coaching®
Blog Dream Courses Heart-Centered Dreamwork Soul Coaching® July 9, 2016

Dreams & Soul Coaching® have been walking hand in hand for years. Let me explain. I’ve been curious about dreams since 1980 when, pregnant with my third child and having had an interesting dream, I happened to catch an interview with Dr. Gayle Delaney on the the morning radio show I was listening to while juggling children and coffee.

But the first time I became aware that dreams were hinting at something larger than my own personal psychology was in an unlikely place for a revelation. The year was 1997 and I was sitting by the hotel pool on a very hot Philadelphia weekend. A friend’s son had just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and my kids, numbering four, were cooling off in the pool along with all of Philadelphia it seemed. I sat in a lounge chair, watching the kids, watching people and reading Joan Borysenko’s “Fire in the Soul”.

Fire in the Soul

In it, she wrote, “A Parable: Safe Passage Home”. I read it and gasped. Then I cried under my sun hat. Somehow, in a few words, I found out why I was so interested in dreams, why I was a dreamer. Borysenko wrote,

“The fledgling souls took many roads Home. Each Way had its own Story and each soul responded to that Story with the gift of free will, embroidering new stories on the dream-tapestry of the One Great Dreamer.”

With that sudden understanding, I could now see what wasn’t there a moment before. In that moment, I reconnected with my Creator, with myself and to all dreamers in a way that I wasn’t connected before. Before, I felt like an orphan; now, suddenly, I belonged. Before, there had been an intellectual understanding of the psychology of dreams, now it was personal and it was spiritual.

In that moment by the pool I realized that I dream—you dream—because God dreams. Being “created in God’s image”, a familiar passage from the Bible, now took on deeper shading, as the idea took root in my heart and in my soul. Life was a noisy, hot day by a pool one moment and reality was where I had left it. Yet, a moment later, my eyes were opened to a broader perspective and I understood. I dream because God dreams! I was born of the One Great Dreamer and to dream is my birthright and my gift. At the same time, it is both natural and ordinary,  yet supernatural. My fascination with dreams had come into alignment with creation. Yet this sudden spiritual awakening —my poolside satori—threatened to dissipate as I struggled to understand. Am I dreaming all of this? Am I dreaming my life? My children? (My deliberation paused as I counted heads in the pool.) And if, like my Creator, I dream or create my world, are my own children, or anyone else for that matter, dreaming a different dream? Are common dreams what creates community and binds societies together? If my mind can play with the possibility that I’ve created my own reality, and I’ve dreamed this life of mine, then I have to also consider the possibility that God is a dream as well. Who’s dreaming whom? (And is it time to get out of the sun?)

In some small way, I might say that my life is the story of one woman’s journey and search to remember the dream she had of herself, of God and of all creation, all while cooking dinner, raising four children, running a psychotherapy practice and Soul Coaching® groups. And these essays are my field notes from the road because as I write this, I am still searching and still dreaming. I’ve been a “Dweller on the Threshold” with one foot in the dream world and one foot on the ground of daily life with its pleasures and its pains. Ironically, the more I dwell in the dream world, contemplating its insights and adventures, the easier it is to access its wisdom and guidance as I find my way in the waking world. I’ve seen the reports of other dreamers and I know I’m on the right path, tracking my Self and Spirit, however many potholes and detours I encounter. We are all “Dwellers on the Threshold” with a foot in both realms, but who has the courage to step over the threshold? Dreamers do.

So it was with both excitement and a sense of homecoming when I saw that Denise Linn the founder of the Soul Coaching Institute, was also a (capital D) Dreamer. I was drawn to her work and have since become an Advance Soul Coach. In that capacity, I have been mentoring for her online Gateway Dreaming course available through Hay House since 2010. Online work is so exciting and I now have a dream community that I never imagined could be possible. But what could take this black and white dream and allow it to become a 3-D full Technicolour dream? Taking a course with Denise Linn in person!!!

Check this beautiful video that Denise made:

I will be in Santa Fe for this professional training course and I’d love to see you there! To work with your dreams and the dreams of others is a sacred calling. If you are an Earth Angel and are ready to serve the growth of others, the skills that this certification training will give you will enhance your practice, whether professionally or personally. If you would like to explore the possibilities:

Are you ready to embroider new stories on the dream-tapestry of the One Great Dreamer? If you made it to the end of this post, I suspect the answer is yes!









Just 3 Words
Blog Dreamsharing Heart-Centered Dreamwork January 7, 2016

The Dream

“Just Three Words” is what I’m calling this recent dream. I dreamt the following:

I am in some busy place, as if a house (but not my house) has been taken over by President Obama’s staff and political team. I happen to catch Obama alone at a buffet table so I say, “I used to teach calligraphy so if you ever need something calligraphed, I’m happy to do it.” He responds, “As a matter of fact, there is something you can do.” He wants a certificate for his girls and gives me a phrase to write. I can’t remember what it was but it was just three words, descriptive in nature. I take the piece of paper that it’s written on, but when I look at what it actually says, I think it needs more than just those three words or else it’s just a fragment, an incomplete sentence and will just look like some random words. I go back to him to suggest that we add a word like “congratulations” or whatever is appropriate to the occasion so that it will be more clear. Now he’s really pissed off with me for bothering him! I think that this is a side of his personality that he doesn’t show the public. He’s not a very nice man.

(Reality Check: I used to do and teach calligraphy. I let that go years ago. No conversations about Obama prior to having the dream,  although I heard him on the news in the other room (I wasn’t really paying attention so can’t say what he was talking about, but I think it was some political-speak on gun ownership.)

The Juice

So after listening to the thoughts, feelings and projections from my dream group and working on it with a dear dream friend, here’s what has the most energy for me. This, by the way is the easiest way to get into your dream….Follow the juiciest parts! It was the feeling of trying to please an important person, who I wanted to think well of me. When I look at my life, I connect to this right away, having grown up with the “Disease to Please”. Like many empathic children we become sensitive to the subtle cues that tell us if we’re ok or not. So I look at this and think to myself, “this again?” Who am I trying to please and impress in waking life? Only one person comes to mind and I’m sitting with this and mulling it over. But even in wanting his approval, I still spoke up and wanted to do the calligraphy in a professional way. In my youth I wouldn’t have spoken up. Ok so there’s been some growth, lol! This is good. And as a calligrapher, or any artist who creates something for a buyer, there is always some tension between what pleases our artistic self v. what pleases the customer. This is an important tension to explore, for a “pleaser”. What pleases me? I’m always at the bottom of my list, sadly. (That’s another life-long “Blesson” – blessing + lesson to work on.) Time to make some shifts!

There’s another way to look at this dream as there are always many ways to do dreamwork, and I ask myself “What is my presidential self?” While I haven’t liked every thing Obama has done politically, I would describe him as intelligent and articulate, caring and well-grounded in his family’s love…..and an historic groundbreaker. What part of myself is at the buffet table of life? What part of me is the perfectionist/artist, what part of me is a leader-of-the-free world self? and there is more to explore, the house, the buffet table, the certificate, the president’s public and private self, and of course, the anger. Is someone in waking life bringing out my pissed off self?

The Words

A while back, on ABC ‘s morning news, did a bit on “Your Three Words and asked: How much can you say in just three words? Can you express your thoughts, your feelings, your sadness or joy? Could your three words be a celebration of a special event, or a thought on everyday life? The response was tremendous and as I think about the forgotten three words that I was to calligraph, I think this would be a creative way to honour my dream and bring it into my waking life.

I’m not sure which three wordsI’ll choose but I’m playing with “Love-Lead-Write” for now. I wonder what your three words would be? What three words bring your dream (and/or your life) together in a way expresses your truth? Post your three words below. I’d love to hear from you!

workshop flyer
Dream Courses Heart-Centered Dreamwork November 5, 2015

What do dreams, healing & intuition have to do with each other? Only everything! In the ancient world of the Mediterranean basin, people would travel to the healing temples to dream and find a cure for their illnesses. They took steps to bring themselves into sacred space, not only the sacred space of the temple but to find sacred space within themselves, to purify body, mind and spirit, then ask for help from the god of healing, Asklepios (in Greece). Cure would come in their dreams and they would awaken in the Abaton (the sleeping chamber) cured or with a prescription for cure. This practice lasted for over one thousand years so I’m guessing it was rather successful and considered worthwhile!

But we don’t have to remember a past life to benefit from the ancient ways. We can do this in our own lives, two thousand years later. Our dreams carry our intuitive sense of what we need to reach the whole and sacred space within us. Dreams, healing & intuition were used in a synergistic way to bring about healing. With easy guidance, I will help you crack the code!

I will be teaching this ancient method together with dream work and intuition (and using my dream healing oracle deck, The Abaton Keys®, on Sunday, November 15th, 2015, 12-5 pm) at The Rising Sun in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Your own personal mini-reading will be part of the mix! I will guide participants in this ancient, healing path so whether it is dreams, healing or intuition that calls to you first, you will learn to use all three to lead you on your true path to healing. Contact me to register,


dreamwork with heart
Blog Heart-Centered Dreamwork September 10, 2015

How to do dreamwork with heart? I call the work I do “Heart-Centered Dreamwork” with good reason and I can teach you to do it too!

But first, the back-story! My training was in body-centered psychotherapy (though it is no longer referred to as such) called the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® back in the 90’s. (Yes I’ve been doing the work for a long time!)  The work is powerfully amazing as it combines talk and touch. The “talk” grew out of Gestalt therapy and focuses on the present; the “I am” rather than “I was” statements. After all, whatever happened to us in the past, we can still only process it in the present moment. And the “touch”, a light Reiki-like touch rather than the deeper touch of massage, grew out of the founder’s experience with Feldenkrais work and the Alexander Technique. But what happened when Ilana Rubenfeld combined the three methods, with a dash of Eriksonian trance work, was true “synergy” as it became more than either of the individual methods were on their own. I learned so much from doing this work for myself and, as a “Synergist”, I learned how to open up a dialogue between my client’s emotions, their physical stuck places and chronic pain or illnesses and eventually, even their soul. That lead me to Soul Coaching® because whatever door we enter through- body, mind or emotions-they all lead to our heart and soul.

Fast forward to now. Along the path, I discovered that my passion is dreams and I followed my passion and continue to use the tools I gathered along the way. I studied with Denise Linn and added Soul Coaching® to my tool kit and became one of her Mentors for her online courses for Hay House (I highly recommend them!), but I had also been trained by Robert Moss and became a dream teacher, I satisfied my intellect and got a Master’s degree studying dreams and their role in healing in ancient Greece and I studied with Caroline Myss for the pure pleasure of delving into the Mysteries… And my tool kit continued to grow as I studied energy healing, became a Reiki Master, and learned to do Past Life Regressions! When I paused to look back over the road I had travelled, I saw that the common thread wasn’t dreams or the body, psychotherapy or one particular technique, it was the heart and soul!  The path I took was a path following my curiosity but mainly, it was the path to heal my heart. I discovered that dreams were the technology of Soul- perhaps it’s the “hardware” giving us the structure or a framework for exploration-  but without the heart there was no “software” to operate the system!

As a Rubenfeld Synergist I learned to listen. I learned to hold my clients in a state of active listening, without judgement and with respect, while holding the space for them to “become” themselves. I learned to meet them where they are and not where I think they should be. Years later, Denise Linn said “The instant you judge someone, you lose the ability to influence them” and I understood the “why” of no judgement. How can I model self-respect, healing and growth if I don’t give my heart to my clients show them how I practice what I teach? Can you do dreamwork without the heart? Certainly, however it is a intellectual pursuit when the heart isn’t part of the process. You might think I learned this for myself then shared it with my clients, but it was the opposite! I learned to treat my clients from a heart-centered space of love and respect, then I started to treat myself like I treat my clients. Some of us learn arse-backwards but hey, at least we learn! At the end of the day, the Golden Rule rocks! Treat others in the same way you wish to be treated…Or my version, treat yourself with the same love and respect that you freely give to everyone else!

How To Do Dreamwork With Heart

  • Read through your dream and ask, “Where do I feel this in my body?” Don’t forget that we are spirit having an experience in the physical. Ignoring the vessel through which we experience our emotions and our life, is not the path of heart. Put one hand on the spot where you feel the dream’s emotions and your other hand on your heart.
  • Ask the body part to speak to you. What does it want you to know? Your knee might simply say, “I hurt”.
  • Now ask your heart to respond to that body part. What is the most loving response your heart can give? It might say, “I’m so very sorry! I’ve been putting so much weight (responsibility) on you without thinking how painful this is. I promise to treat you with more TLC!”
  • Next, imagine your closest friend was sharing this dream and conversation with you. By the way, you ARE your closest friend! With your hand still on the place where you felt the dream and the other hand over your heart, imagine it opening wide, encircling you with love. Do you notice a colour or any other sensations? The physical and energetic experience of your visualization may help you really feel it.
  • Now from that place of total self-acceptance, ask “If I knew what this dream’s message is, what would it be? You’ll be surprised how you really do know what your dream asks of you. If not, give some more love to yourself and practice patience.
  • Use oracle cards to help you find the dream’s meaning. (My own deck of The Abaton Keys® or any deck you love will be perfect. Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards are my second fav!)  When you feel stuck, picking a card can help you by-pass the rational mind to get to your intuitive answers.

Really, dreamwork and personal growth are an inside job. It is the job of the heart.


the abaton keys
Blog Dreamwork Hacks Heart-Centered Dreamwork Soul Coaching® August 30, 2015

I love The Abaton Keys®, my dream healing oracle deck! Hey wait just a minute. Didn’t you create them, you ask? Well yes, but that’s not why I love them! Give me a moment of your time and I promise to explain. And for your patience, I will end with a special offer!

Back in the day, around 800 years before the Common Era, stories were circulating about a Hero- the offspring of a mortal and a god. His name was Asklepios. His father, Apollo, killed his mother in a jealous rage, and in a moment of either compassion (or Narcissism), he plucked the unborn infant from his mother’s funeral pire, and gave him to Chiron the Centaur to raise. Chiron was the archetypal Wounded Healer and raised Asklepios with the knowledge of herbs and the healing ways. Soon Asklepios was elevated to “god” status and came to be known as the god of healing.

Here’s the part that’s really cool… Pilgrims in search of healing would travel long distances and wait to be called into the Abaton- the sleeping chamber. There they would prepare to meet the god in their dreams and awaken healed or with instructions for healing. Let me repeat, all this happen in their dreams! This practice lasted for one thousand years, from 500 BCE (before the Common Era) to 500 CE so I like to think that people were finding value in it!

Fast forward amost 2,000 years and my interest in this practice was piqued in a way that could not be explained in logical ways. I had read Edward Tick’s book The Practice of Dream Healing and I was smitten with the Greek healing bug! I even found a way to write about the topic for my Masters. But there was a creative project about to emerge- The Abaton Keys®- and with the help of artist Julia Still, I gave birth to my dream healing oracle deck. I named them after the sleeping chamber where healing dreams took place and called them “keys” because I believe that we each hold the key to our own healing.

turning point

Believe it or not, I created these cards for people like me who think too much. Through my work with Denise Linn (see the link on the right), I discovered that the simple act of clearing my mind to focus on a question, then picking a card, enabled me to bypass my logical brain so that intuitive information could come through. Are you anything like me? Having a meditative ritual like picking an oracle card (see below), is all you need to do begin to harvest the wisdom and intuitive “hits” that dwell within. The feedback has been great and most people are getting insightful help in just the way they need it. Here’s but a small sample….

…The Abaton Keys are a very unique deck; using the wisdom of the ancients of old, the Abaton Keys give you a very deep, insightful and most importantly of all truthful perspective of any situation. I have not unfortunately as yet had the pleasure of using the deck with clients, but in my own personal use i have found the cards to be invaluable. Part of what makes these cards so special is the way they are cleverly divided into four suits, (the drama suit, medicine suit, wisdom suit and ritual suit); through making the deck this way, I find that the cards connect you deeply to not only your souls wisdom, but also allow you to experience the spiritual in a meaningful way. Another aspect of why I find these cards so special is the wonderful card spreads that are suggested at the beginning of the book. I have used the spreads several times now for myself and have found the messages brought forth to be deeply healing. Overall I would not hesitate to recommend the Abaton Keys to anyone who is truly interested in experiencing a deeply healing, spiritual and soulful experience, either for themselves or in use for others. Z.T. Uk.


The Abaton Keys is a beautiful deck that allows for clarity of dreams and messages of the soul. I have used this deck with clients for daily insights and for a 4 element reading. Clients have been astounded as to the accuracy of the cards. I highly recommend The Abaton Keys. The illustrations are so beautiful!  C.Lake, Texas

Which brings me to my list of reasons why you’ll love them too!

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Abaton Keys®

  1. They will help you bypass your rational mind: I don’t know about you but I think too much! These intuitive tools never fail to help me get out of my head and into my heart. They are truly heart opening.
  2. Through the Keys, you will tap into your intuition: So often we hear a little voice saying something of an intuitive nature and we rationalize the reasons to do the opposite! Or, for some, it’s drowned out in the noise or confusion of our many other thoughts. The Abaton Keys, will help you find your intuition in all that noise.
  3. The Keys enable you to align with ancient wisdom from Greece and other past lives: These cards were inspired by the wisdom I studied for my masters’ degree but I suspect I was drawing on a past life in ancient Greece as well. The four suits reflect different aspects of life in Greece 2000 years ago, including Philosophy and philosophers, Greek tragedies and comedies, ancient healing practices and the mysterious world of intuition and divination.
  4. The Abaton Keys connect you with your own Higher Self: By-passing the rational mind is the first step but coming into silence and connecting with the guardian of your deck will allow you access to your Higher Self and information that you never imagined you could know!
  5. They are a simple and elegant tool for centering and meditation: Not all uses for this deck need to be complex spreads! One of the most popular uses is for centering oneself, grounding and in meditation. Pick one key and breathe deeply and the benefits of this deck will be put to immediate use!
  6. They give you the “Hawk’s view” of your problems, your questions or your life: We are often too close to our problems to get a clear picture on what choices to make or direction to go in. When you use The Abaton Keys, they enable you to fly over your situation and find the answers that you need, when you need them.
  7. They will give you answers! Yes, don’t we all want answers? That’s why people go to psychics and other card readers! But I am a coach and I believe that all answers are within you already…we just don’t always know it and we need a little help to access the answers. The Abaton Keys® give you easy access to all the answers you seek.

Your Special Offer

This is only for YOU, because you have been reading my blog and I am SO grateful for your presence in my life! For the month of September (from September 1st-30th, 2015 only) Buy one deck of The Abaton Keys® and get a second deck for 1/2 price! But wait, there’s more! (Sorry I couldn’t resist using that cliche!)….

In addition to this great discount, get a free 15 minute coaching session with me, using the Abaton Keys! It would give me great joy to coach you through whatever questions or challenges you are facing!

To take me up on this great offer simply go to and write “SEPT15” in the additional comments space.

Abaton Keys® spread

7 Reasons Why You Should Kick Your iPad Out Of The Bedroom

Heart-Centered Dreamwork Soul Coaching® July 2, 2015

7 Reasons Why You Should Kick Your Ipad Out of The Bedroom


Yes, I really did kick my iPad out of my bedroom! I had to, not because my husband was complaining, and not because of the many studies done on people who were sleeping with their electronics and getting less sleep and along with a lower quality of rest and suffering the consequences. In fact, I had all sorts of good reasons to keep my gear near. After all, I had great “sleep” apps to track my sleep, my movements, including my restlessness, and my dreams! I needed Solitaire to wear my over-active mind out and make me give up consciousness. And there was always one more post to make, email to answer, FB friend in a different time zone to chat with. Until it began to dawn on me that my sleep was in fact suffering (I was restless 46 times in one night according to my Fitbit!), but worse than that, I hadn’t caught a dream in months! That was the straw that broke this camel’s back!

As you might imagine, my dreams are extremely important to me and simply put, without them I feel disconnected to Source and Soul. So with the encouragement of Laurel Bleadon-Maffei, channel for Josephus and the Wisdom Council, angel communicator and third cousin, once removed, extraordinaire, I agreed to a little experiment: to give up my electronics at bedtime—until my birthday seventeen days later—and see what happens. As I set my intention to start catching dreams again, I realized that my bad habits weren’t just at bedtime, but in how I wake up as well. Very quickly, I knew that I needed to create sacred space in order to make room for my dreams, which are sacred in their source and their uses. Dreaming, we learn who we are and why we are, we problem-solve, create, connect with community and the collective energy that we live in, and come into alignment with Higher Self and guidance.

When I work with my clients, whether as Soul Coach or Dream Coach, we always come around to the topic of sacred space. For some, it is the clutter of attitudes and beliefs that must be cleared, for others it is physical clutter that must be tackled and for me, it was my pile of electronics. So I cleared my space, put out an old-fashioned (yet cool turquoise Moleskine) journal next to my bed to record my dreams physically with pen in hand and began. I wrote down my intentions, wrote down a few lines about my day, put my iPad away at least an hour before bed and read a “bookbook” (Ikea) before closing my eyes.

Wham! Night one: a dream! Night two: a dream! Night three: dang, in that slippery state of mind, my dream evaporated in a split second! But I kept at it and in 17 nights, I caught a dream (sometimes a dream fragment, sometimes 2 dreams) on 15 of those nights. Success! On the morning of my birthday, although I hadn’t asked for any special dream, I was given a great dream! My dreams were back! Now here is why you should kick out your electronics too!


7 reasons


  1. Better sleep/more rest: Research shows that the blue LED lights of your computers and hand-held devices are messing with your pineal gland and the production of melatonin. The more you use them, the harder it is to fall asleep and get quality rest. Best not to mess with Mother Nature.
  2. Build your dream muscles: We all dream yet so many of us think otherwise. But with practice and a focused intention, you can build your dream-catching muscles. Once I put my devices away, my dream recall bounced right back.
  3. Create Sacred Space: I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough. Make space for dreaming by clearing away the clutter in your bedroom. Your sleeping chamber can become the “abaton”, the sleeping chamber of the ancient Greek healing temples where dreams were used for healing. All that from decluttering. Not too shabby.
  4. Connect with Source: If we dream, and we are created in the “image of God” then God must be a dreamer too. Dreaming can be a sacred practice for connecting with the sacred within and the Creator, the Great Dreamer.
  5. Know Thyself: Once you go “inside” you might as well get to know yourself. The ancients considered this a high calling. Once you are on the road to self-awareness, personal growth and self-knowledge, you will notice that dreams are all the “technology” for growth that you will need. Pay attention.
  6. Intuitive Windfalls: Did you read about the Canadian dreamer who, in 2006, dreamed the lottery numbers, twice? Really. She ran out to buy a second ticket with the same numbers and won $16 million! Ok, admittedly, I’m still waiting for that dream, but dreams can give you insight and warnings that are nothing short of a windfall for living authentically.
  7. More Space for dreams; More Space for the Sacred: Once you make more space for dreaming, physically, emotionally, mentally, then the spiritual uses for dreaming burst open wide. Et voila, you are living in alignment with your soul’s plan for your life. Not unlike physics, the more you delve into the mysteries of your dreams and your psyche, you cannot help but see the miraculous in your dreams and connect with something bigger- whatever you call the Force.

Once you get the hang of detaching from your devices and doing some stellar dream-catching, then the possibilities for your waking and dream life are endless. You will have kicked the ipad habit and set yourself free!

Dreaming at the Crossroads of Life

Dreamsharing Heart-Centered Dreamwork June 19, 2015

Dreaming at the Crossroads of Life


Today we have a guest blogger, Susanne van Doorn, Ph.D., a Dutch psychologist and blogger on Mindfunda.


“Women’s dreams mirror the tides that move the fluids of their bodies. Just as the waters of the earth swell and recede, so our dreams change over time” Patricia Garfield, Womens Bodies, Womens Dreams


When Patti asked me to write a blog post to contribute to her Heart-Centered Dreamwork I was thrilled. Patti and I share the same dream of creating a platform to share knowledge about dreams, spirituality, and mythology.

Looking back at my life, I see three crossroads I have passed through. I matured from childhood into womanhood, I choose my partner for life and entered a life stage of companionship and motherhood. And now at this point in my life I say farewell to my fertility and welcome the Crone stage. (In the ancient societies there where three stages of womanhood: the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, all manifestations of the triple Goddess.)


Crossroad From Childhood Into Womanhood

My earliest memory of a dream is a nightmarish dream I had about an airplane being stuck in my closet. I was scared about the noise it made and how trapped it must feel in that little closet of mine. We used to live near a military airway. I later on deciphered it to be about the way I had to tune down my energy in the big family I grew up in. I am the youngest one in a family of 7 siblings. We had nine people living in our house. So it was always fun, always busy and there always was the need to tune in or tune down. I think my dream supported my longing to fly out, to spread my wings. I left home relatively early at age 17, doing just that. You can see that a dream that is concerned with showing you new roads on which to travel, often uses symbols of travel. In this dream it is an airplane. The air and the wind flow and chill, but it also supports transportation into new endeavors.

Ralph Metzner talks on Mindfunda’s Youtube channel about the battle between the Aesir sky gods and the Vanir earth gods as the battle between old and new technology. To resolve this battle Odin showed both tribes how to conduct rituals based on mutual respect. The earth tribe in my childhood home was my father. Being the principle of the local high school he was all about rules. Teaching the rules, playing by the rules; do your homework. He liked things that where tangible. I was more “airy”: I saw ghosts, spirits, I could talks to them for hours. I was a dreamy girl. It took me several decades to engage in a ritual based on mutual respect to build a bridge towards my father’s knowledge. A dream paved the way for that. In this dream of mine I foresaw his death. After having this dream I asked him if he wanted to do anything before he was gone; anything he had not gotten around to in his life? He talked with me that night about his life, about how wonderful it had been and about how much he loved my mother. He had enjoyed the company of his children and told me how I always amazed him with my analytic skills and my guts to ask questions other people only thought, but never said out loud.

Crossroad From Womanhood Into Partner And Mother

The next step in my life was finding a partner. It took me a while before I had the inner peace to settle down with someone. When I was in my thirties I began to feel so alone. I missed a companion; someone to share my life with. Somebody with whom I could raise a family. I decided -very unromantically to make this a mission in life. I started dating, I started incubating dreams about my dates and my romantic life and it took me a while to develop the intuition I needed to guide me through this process. Then one night I dreamed: “I am on the train and it is a very sunny day. The window is open and while we are crossing the lake beneath us some water touches my arm. It feels like a caress from love that gives me faith and pleasure in my travel”.

Again, like in the first initiation dream, a form of transportation used as a symbol of transformation. The train of life passing above the waters of love. Where in the first initiation dream from childhood into womanhood the element of air played a big role, in the second dream the element of water has the upper hand. The first dream encourages me to rise above the things I was thought in my elderly home. The second dream encourages me to feel the depths of love. I dreamed this the day before I went on my first date with my future husband, the father of my children.

Crossroad From Partner and Mother Into Crone

 The last dream I want to share with you is a dream I have described in my blog. It is called “Hathor, the Goddess of dreams”, Injecting the uterus of a cow with frozen meatballs doesn’t seem like a very pleasant endeavor, but waking up from the dream I felt really good. I had done something very important. Something that had to be checked, and had to be kept warm.

Brenda Ferrimani (, dreamer and artist wrote me this about my dream: (I) Couldn’t help making a connection to Patricia Garfield and her book “Creative Dreaming”, and her horned/branching woman. You know the ovaries almost look like horns growing out of the uterus. So I get the physical connection with “frozen eggs” and perhaps the message, that my body is no longer producing eggs naturally but Hathor the horned Goddess assures me that I will still be a creative force in the world. I also thought of the “meat balls” as cow testicles. That I was placing something very potent inside the belly of the cow, if this were my dream. Kind of feels like a willing sacrifice happening so that the pregnancy can take place. In a way the bull has given his life to make the cow pregnant. Interesting how the “balls” are not only fertile but nutritious for human consumption. Maybe the dream comes to tell me about my future creative life, how I may be instrumental in bringing soul nourishment to others.

I was so thrilled that Brenda made the connection with the horned Goddess. The Horned Goddess is an ancient archetype, based on the full moon. The antlers of the Horned Goddess rise up in the sky to select the right energy and information for intuitive knowledge. This dream is linked to a dream of mine where I was in the bathtub and there where antlers growing out of my belly.

I hope I inspired you all to look at your dreams from this “crossroads” perspective. Take into account your life cycle and the initiation rites that are buried, but still vital for us in our current society.

You can follow Susanne’s blog at, making the fundamentals of psychology, mythology and spirituality easy to use in your personal life.















5 Easy Tips To Remember Your Dreams
Heart-Centered Dreamwork May 12, 2015

Dreams Matter

Who couldn’t use 5 easy tips to remember your dreams? It’s so easy to forget a dream in the wake of alarms and the early morning rush out the door. When I speak about my work in the ‘field of dreams’ people either respond with enthusiasm or with the response, “I don’t dream”. In between is the response of those who wonder why dreams matter at all. So here are my top five ways to get started dream-catching. When you start catching and writing your dreams down, you begin to see patterns and details that are easily lost in the light of day and you begin to know yourself.

We All Dream

By “we” I mean not only those who are reading this, but all mammals as well. If you think you don’t dream, you are really just not remembering your dreams. Dream catching is a challenging activity but motivation—really wanting to remember your dreams—will take you half the way there. The other part of the equation requires creating an environment that will help you succeed. Dreams are slippery devils; as illusive as Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch and as hard to catch. But there are things we can do that will make dreams easier to remember.

The Big 5

  • Here are my 5 easy tips to remember your dreams. It all starts with setting your intention. Putting a pad and paper or a journal next to your bed sends a signal to your psyche that you are serious in your intention to remember your dreams. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple act. When our outer actions mirror our inner desires, change is possible.
  • Reset the alarm. Don’t use an alarm to wake yourself up if you don’t have to. Personally, my best dream recall is on the weekends when I have more time to get up slowly. Or, if you must have that wake-up insurance that an alarm provides, set it to go off five or ten minutes early. Giving yourself time to ask, “where was I just now” may be the only boost to dream recall that you will need.
  • Don’t move! When we are asleep, our gross motor movements are somewhat inhibited, but the moment we move as we leap out of bed in the morning, we pull ourselves out of that delicate state and the dream memory vanishes into thin air. When you wake up, see if you can stay in that position for a moment. Then asking yourself, “what was I feeling” or  “where was I just now” or “what was I experiencing” you will begin to reel in the dream like a fish on a hook. Bit by bit the dream will come back to you or it may even rush back all at once.
  • Write down whatever you remember. If all you can remember is “something about school”, “laughing”, or “chocolate” then write that down. Whatever seems to be on your mind as you wake up, write it down. It may trigger dream recall later or it may be a small piece of a larger dream, but even if nothing happens with that tiny fragment, you will be strengthening your dream recall “muscles” and getting in the remembering habit. The first time you may only remember a vague feeling but each successive time, you will remember more. Succeeding at dream recall is sometimes that simple.
  • Write it now. If you wait until you have showered and had your first cup of coffee, it will be too late and the dream will be lost. Sometimes something in your day may trigger the dream to come back to you but you can’t count on that. If you are serious in your desire to remember your dreams, you have to first develop good dream recall habits. Write the dream when you get up and don’t wait until you have time later, because let’s face it, we never have enough time. Make remembering your dreams a priority and you will be richly rewarded.5 Tips list to remember your dreams


Dreams Matter 2.0

The development and nurturing of dream recall brings us to back to the question of why dreams matter. Aren’t dreams just the random firing of some neurons in our brains or at best, the residue left over from our day? Oddly enough, there is no consensus in the scientific community as to exactly what the function of dreams is or why we dream at all. There are a number of good theories, however, I would like to bypass this line of inquiry all together. Because when someone asks ‘why do dreams matter’ they are not looking for a dry scientific definition of a physiological function, rather they are really asking ‘why should dreams matter to me’. And why dreams should matter to us as individuals is because the “me” that we think we know is just a small part of our whole Self. In dreams as in life, I take this more holistic approach. So let’s look at this.

Peeking Under the Mask

We all put forward the face-or mask-we are most comfortable with according to our life and needs and dreams help us fill out that limited view, introducing us to the rich, multi-dimensional souls that we really are. Dreams tell us about those roles we play in our own personal dramas while also giving us experiences of the roles we avoid. We are not just personalities with a ‘best by’ date, doomed to live and die and that’s it. We are much more interesting then that. Dreams are certainly helpful in pointing out our personalities’ psychological foibles and Freud, the father of modern psychiatry, was correct when he called dreams the “royal road to the unconscious”, but the journey via dreams does not stop there. We are first and foremost souls having an experience and adventure in being physical and human so when we dream, we get to experience more of that multi-dimensional self. Our dreams reconnect us with all of who we are through our personal psychology but also through precognitive information, visits from deceased loved ones, flashes of past lives or out-of-body-travel! Over two thousand years ago, quoting Socrates, Plato wrote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Simply stated, dreams provide us with an easy and entertaining way to examine our lives and our souls. Now that is something that matters.

Bonus Tips

  • Sometimes your psyche and system will need a few days to catch up with your new intentions. If you don’t have any luck the first night, persevere and keep at if for at least 3 days. My own pace is sluggish so I try to keep at it for at least a week. I’m just wired that way and you may be too!
  • Do NOT start thinking about your To-Do list for the day! It is a sure-fire buzz kill for dream recall! Just hang out with your pillow and review the images that come to mind. Telling your dreams, “I love you!” doesn’t hurt either!
  • Write and let me know how it’s going for you. Like my home state of California, as I write this, I am personally going through a Dream Drought. Hang in there, I remind myself. Rewards to follow.
  • And speaking of rewards, as a reward for making it to the end of this post, and because you rock, share this on your FB wall and tag me or on Twitter. One lucky dreamer will win some free dream work with me, one-on-one. Just because I love you.