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This is not a “dream dictionary” in the traditional sense, because you are your own best expert! Use the section below as a way to jog your own associations to symbols, objects or situations in your dreams.

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What does it mean when you dream about ex-friends and enemies?

A Facebook friend asked, "Why do we dream of people who are no longer in our lives? - I'm speaking of friends who we are no longer friends with. I'm usually fighting/arguing with this female, who I use to be friends with until she dropped out of my life..."

We dream about ex-friends and enemies for any number of reasons... Because we have unfinished business with them, because they have some traits that represent an aspect of ourselves, because there is still something to learn or work through about that relationship, because they are a symbol or metaphor for a larger topic, and because they might be giving us precognitive information about the future, depending on the storyline of your dream and each individual dreamer.

To see if the people in a dream can represent parts of yourself, come up with a description of that ex-friend or enemy without thinking too long or too hard; just a few words that will describe them. Note: these words need not be the pure, unbiased truth, simply your impressions about them. The more subjective, the better! Once you have done that, see if any of your words describe traits that you share. This will help you determine if that dream character is a part of you, or a part you have disowned!

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