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all roads lead to soul coaching ®
Blog Soul Coaching® December 19, 2016

Many Roads

All roads lead to Soul Coaching® for me! My studies have been rich and varied, and I use everything I ever learned in my Soul Coaching® work! In 1991 I was training in the Rubenfeld Synergy® Method when my dream life suddenly because very active so I delved into the subject of dreams. I learned a lot and my dream groups grew as my growth and learning continued. It boiled down to this: If I can help people tap into their innate wisdom to gain self-knowledge and transformation, then I am living “on purpose”.  And if I could find my purpose through Soul Coaching®, so can you!

 My Experience with Soul Coaching®

I was searching; searching for more conversations with my own spirit in the busyness of my personal and work life. I was also searching for a way to work with my clients that included their spirit and spiritual issues.

Trained in body-centred psychotherapy and energy work, I had a busy private practice of more than fifteen years that included serving as a Reiki Master and well as a specialist and coach in dream work. Over time, I was doing less and less body-mind psychotherapy because my clients would bring their metaphysical questions to me and wanted to explore spiritual issues. They knew they were safe to explore their spiritual questions with me and often we searched together. It wasn’t enough to get in touch with their physical pain and the emotions that fed them (though it is essential work that has to be done), without working through the mental and spiritual realms too. The Rubenfeld Synergy® Method came pretty close but I was still searching for the right balance. I investigated many professional options, but I found that their approaches were often uneven and didn’t include the whole person.

Balance, Baby, Balance!

In Soul Coaching® I found alignment for the whole person! I found a way to work with my clients that gave equal weight to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. Many modalities work with primarily one of these realms. Some body therapies discourage too much thinking and processing while emphasizing feelings and emotions. Other therapies work with just the spirit through contemplative approaches. Some emphasize one’s physical health through the body or energy work. Others focus on one’s emotions in talk therapy. As a Soul Coach I learned how to guide my clients over the terrain of their whole Self; to know where the road twists and turns, where the potholes are and how to walk the path of growth and self-evolution!

Soul Coaching® works holistically using energy and space clearing techniques along with power of the four elements of air, water, fire and earth, combined with the power of clutter clearing! Mental thoughts and attitudes, belief systems, emotions, creativity, spirit and the physical body are all explored with the guidance of a Soul Coach. We do this first in our own lives and then we learn how to guide our clients in clutter clearing all aspects of their lives. It’s an amazing process and my clients learn that they, too, can hear the authentic voice of their heart and soul.

The Bonus

And the bonus? Soul Coaching® makes space for your dreams, intuition, personal guidance and insights and teaches you to trust your own intuitive and wise self. As a dreamer and dream teacher, that was very important to me! Most impressively, is that Soul Coaching® does it in a grounded and balanced way! As someone going through the 28 days of Soul Coaching® and later, as a practitioner, Soul Coaching taught me to facilitate miracles!!!!

The Road

Where is the road leading now? What’s next is exciting! Denise Linn, the founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching® is no longer training Soul Coaches (Ok that’s a little sad too.). She is turning over the training of Soul Coaches to a small group of advanced Soul Coaches. I will be training for this at the beginning of January! Woohoo! And then what comes next is me offering trainings to amazing people like YOU! Watch for details in the new year, or contact me if you can’t wait at! I can barely wait myself!!! So from body-psychotherapy, to energy work, to dreams… After twenty five years +, all roads truly lead to Soul Coaching®.

“Patti is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth. She has a profound depth of understanding of the world of dreams and the deeper workings of the soul.”

– Denise Linn, Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching



Blog Soul Coaching® December 12, 2016

I am a Soul Coach. And I’m very good at what I do because I learned to listen. I wasn’t taught to listen at home. Like most of us, I had to learn this somewhere else but it wasn’t always this way. In fact, I was very good at ignoring myself, my feelings, my body and my needs. In 1991 I began my training as a Rubenfeld Synergist, which is what practitioners of the Rubenfeld Synergy® Method are called. It is a technique for opening a dialogue between body, mind, emotions and spirit.

First I Dreamt

When my psyche and my body knew they had my apt attention, the communication flowed and the listening began. I was always a dreamer who dreamed frequently but remembered seldom. Most of my dream images would quickly evaporate in the light of day. Once in a while, though, one would stay with me, shadowing my day and tracking my every move, as if to say, “Look at me! I am important!” When finally a dream challenged me enough to remember it, I surrendered and wrote it down, thinking about it as if it were a riddle to unravel or a puzzle to solve.

Nine months before I started my training, I wrote in my journal,

I’ve denied so much of myself over the years that I doubt that I’d allow myself to recognize whatever might present itself [as the path to follow]. So I think I’ll try this Rubenfeld thing…shake myself up…do something new. One thing may lead to another.

I went to bed after writing that and had a flying dream! And so I began my training in this fertile dream soil that I had barely begun to till.

My Body Has A Few Things To Say!

As part of the training, we were required to have a minimum of twenty private sessions a year. These sessions took me beyond the intellectual interpretation of my dreams and added to my awareness the physical and emotional dimensions that had been lacking. I would sometimes look back in my journal and see that insights that I had- and soon forgot- were brought back to the surface to my conscious awareness when my body was involved. It was as if my body was listening (it was!) and was ready to remind me of those insights when I was ready to integrate them.

Through the use of touch and by focusing on my awareness of my body, my feelings slowly began to emerge from the dreamwork. My feelings were key and I could no longer ignore them. They became less frightening than I had feared because my body was engaged in the process in a way that was grounded and focused on the “here and now” of the Gestalt therapy tradition from which this work sprung. In the words of one of my clients, “I wasn’t alone. I had my body.”

Let The Dream-Catching Begin

During my three year training, I recorded over one hundred dreams in my journal. While it wasn’t a daily “catch”, that was a HUGE number of dreams for me to catch, relative to my “once in a  blue moon” dream-catching from before my training. My dream journals became my “State of the Union” address- the “union” of my conscious and subconscious selves.

I Learn To Listen Even More

If that’s all that happened in my training, that would have been enough! But of course, I was learning how to listen to others as I learned to listen to myself. I learned to shuttle with my awareness from my clients, to myself and back to my clients, in an on-going dance of awareness. Ilana Rubenfeld taught me how to listen to the body’s “score”, as she drew on her own training as a musician and conductor. We learned to pay attention to the notes, but equally important,  how to listen to the silence between them. Forever grateful for Ilana’s brilliant work, I continue to use these skills in Soul Coaching®. I became adept at seeing patterns in my clients and myself.

I’m Still Dreaming….

Some time after my training ended, I dreamt,

There is a performer, a combination of Joan Rivers and Judy Garland, who is rehearsing onstage for an upcoming show in an open amphitheatre that feels like Vegas. I am on-stage with her and treated as an honoured visitor. I don’t understand why I am there nor why should be honoured. The star asks me to do something like sing or dance and I’m confused and embarrassed, not sure what she wants or that I can do it. I see a crow fly by. I tell her that’s a good omen. It seems that being able to read the omen gets me off the hook in some way… [There is] something about the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I am unsure. Do I sing it? I explain to her that it is a song expressing hope.

If I’m not quite ready to integrate my “star” parts, I am willing to be on the stage of life and read the “omens” and the signs! By turning my attention to the powerful work of Denise Linn in Soul Coaching®, I teach my clients how to listen to their bodies, minds, emotions and spirits. They listen to the art and creative beauty of their lives.

Your Turn!

Ok, now it’s your turn. Do you listen to your dreams? Is listening to your body something your easily do? How about listening to your emotions? Or your spirit? Would you rather tune out to your body and emotions? See if you can find one small way to listen to yourself today, whether it’s simply following your breath or acknowledging a feeling. Listen to all  your notes……The whole notes, half notes, the quarter notes, even the grace notes…and the silences and spaces between them. That’s how I learned to listen. One note at a time.

my search continues
Blog Soul Coaching® December 4, 2016

My search continues, although my journey started long before I found Denise Linn and Soul Coaching®. I have been searching, and I still search, for the One Great Dreamer. At first, in my fascination with dreams, I mistakenly thought that dreams were both the means and the end. I thought that if only I could understand the message of a dream, if I could crack the code, then I would know myself better and understand dreams and their messages. I scratched in the dirt like a dog following the scent of a buried treasure.

The Search For Treasure

My search continued and at first, the treasure was simply to understand dreams. I hoped that if I could learn to understand dreams I could understand myself. Plato would approve. For me, dreams were the technology for self-understanding. They still are, yet in that moment by the pool (see my last post), when I tried to visualize what all this would look like, I suddenly saw that self-understanding was but the outer ring in a series of concentric circles.

Picture This

At first I thought that dreams should be the core circle, and expanding outward from the dream, I would find dream-understanding, self-understanding and so on, in an outward, expanding movement. But when I started working with dreams, their movement drew me inward and the centre circle, the core of the matter, was God. My search moved far beyond the need to understand myself, taking me into a world that was not visible to the naked eye, and where dreams were the technology for understanding both Self and Spirit. It was what I was searching for all along. Dreams were the means, not the end.

Forgetting and Remembering

Dreamers often awake with a sense that they were dreaming without being able to remember the details of the dream; that there was something there, if only they could remember what that was. This is not a new phenomenon. In Plato’s Republic we learn of the Myth of Er. There, Socrates tells of a man called Er and of his journey into the next world after dying in battle. Er tells of the rewards, the punishments, the judgments that a soul encounters. But he tells of the choices a soul must make and finally, of the River Lethe as well. It is this River of Forgetfulness of which the souls are required to drink, causing each to forget everything they had experienced between death and rebirth.

More Forgetting

Judaism, too, tells of forgetting. In the Talmud it is told that before an infant is born the child learns the entire Torah in utero! But as the newborn is delivered, an angel taps the baby on it’s upper lip, causing it to forget (and thus explaining the indentation we all have under our nose, on our upper lip.) Throughout the ages, there was a sense of there being something that we once knew but have forgotten.

There’s a Word for That?

There is a word for it, anamnesis, which is a kind of remembrance, and means the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence. Although this is often a reference to Platonic thought—that learning is the remembrance of things forgotten but once known by a soul—this idea shows up with little variation in medicine, religion and psychology as something previous known that is recalled to memory. So we spend our lives searching for what we suspect we’ve forgotten and surely, we’ll know it when we find it, won’t we? Or will we have forgotten how to see as well?


A better question would be, “Have we forgotten how to listen”? I believe that we have. In my next post, I will tell you how I began to listen. (Hint: It began with my body!)  But please don’t stress that I’m keeping you in suspense! I like to think that I’m asking you to develop your waiting and listening muscles. They are essential to the journey to connect with your soul. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Until next time….