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the abaton keys
Blog Dreamwork Hacks Heart-Centered Dreamwork Soul Coaching® August 30, 2015

I love The Abaton Keys®, my dream healing oracle deck! Hey wait just a minute. Didn’t you create them, you ask? Well yes, but that’s not why I love them! Give me a moment of your time and I promise to explain. And for your patience, I will end with a special offer!

Back in the day, around 800 years before the Common Era, stories were circulating about a Hero- the offspring of a mortal and a god. His name was Asklepios. His father, Apollo, killed his mother in a jealous rage, and in a moment of either compassion (or Narcissism), he plucked the unborn infant from his mother’s funeral pire, and gave him to Chiron the Centaur to raise. Chiron was the archetypal Wounded Healer and raised Asklepios with the knowledge of herbs and the healing ways. Soon Asklepios was elevated to “god” status and came to be known as the god of healing.

Here’s the part that’s really cool… Pilgrims in search of healing would travel long distances and wait to be called into the Abaton- the sleeping chamber. There they would prepare to meet the god in their dreams and awaken healed or with instructions for healing. Let me repeat, all this happen in their dreams! This practice lasted for one thousand years, from 500 BCE (before the Common Era) to 500 CE so I like to think that people were finding value in it!

Fast forward amost 2,000 years and my interest in this practice was piqued in a way that could not be explained in logical ways. I had read Edward Tick’s book The Practice of Dream Healing and I was smitten with the Greek healing bug! I even found a way to write about the topic for my Masters. But there was a creative project about to emerge- The Abaton Keys®- and with the help of artist Julia Still, I gave birth to my dream healing oracle deck. I named them after the sleeping chamber where healing dreams took place and called them “keys” because I believe that we each hold the key to our own healing.

turning point

Believe it or not, I created these cards for people like me who think too much. Through my work with Denise Linn (see the link on the right), I discovered that the simple act of clearing my mind to focus on a question, then picking a card, enabled me to bypass my logical brain so that intuitive information could come through. Are you anything like me? Having a meditative ritual like picking an oracle card (see below), is all you need to do begin to harvest the wisdom and intuitive “hits” that dwell within. The feedback has been great and most people are getting insightful help in just the way they need it. Here’s but a small sample….

…The Abaton Keys are a very unique deck; using the wisdom of the ancients of old, the Abaton Keys give you a very deep, insightful and most importantly of all truthful perspective of any situation. I have not unfortunately as yet had the pleasure of using the deck with clients, but in my own personal use i have found the cards to be invaluable. Part of what makes these cards so special is the way they are cleverly divided into four suits, (the drama suit, medicine suit, wisdom suit and ritual suit); through making the deck this way, I find that the cards connect you deeply to not only your souls wisdom, but also allow you to experience the spiritual in a meaningful way. Another aspect of why I find these cards so special is the wonderful card spreads that are suggested at the beginning of the book. I have used the spreads several times now for myself and have found the messages brought forth to be deeply healing. Overall I would not hesitate to recommend the Abaton Keys to anyone who is truly interested in experiencing a deeply healing, spiritual and soulful experience, either for themselves or in use for others. Z.T. Uk.


The Abaton Keys is a beautiful deck that allows for clarity of dreams and messages of the soul. I have used this deck with clients for daily insights and for a 4 element reading. Clients have been astounded as to the accuracy of the cards. I highly recommend The Abaton Keys. The illustrations are so beautiful!  C.Lake, Texas

Which brings me to my list of reasons why you’ll love them too!

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Abaton Keys®

  1. They will help you bypass your rational mind: I don’t know about you but I think too much! These intuitive tools never fail to help me get out of my head and into my heart. They are truly heart opening.
  2. Through the Keys, you will tap into your intuition: So often we hear a little voice saying something of an intuitive nature and we rationalize the reasons to do the opposite! Or, for some, it’s drowned out in the noise or confusion of our many other thoughts. The Abaton Keys, will help you find your intuition in all that noise.
  3. The Keys enable you to align with ancient wisdom from Greece and other past lives: These cards were inspired by the wisdom I studied for my masters’ degree but I suspect I was drawing on a past life in ancient Greece as well. The four suits reflect different aspects of life in Greece 2000 years ago, including Philosophy and philosophers, Greek tragedies and comedies, ancient healing practices and the mysterious world of intuition and divination.
  4. The Abaton Keys connect you with your own Higher Self: By-passing the rational mind is the first step but coming into silence and connecting with the guardian of your deck will allow you access to your Higher Self and information that you never imagined you could know!
  5. They are a simple and elegant tool for centering and meditation: Not all uses for this deck need to be complex spreads! One of the most popular uses is for centering oneself, grounding and in meditation. Pick one key and breathe deeply and the benefits of this deck will be put to immediate use!
  6. They give you the “Hawk’s view” of your problems, your questions or your life: We are often too close to our problems to get a clear picture on what choices to make or direction to go in. When you use The Abaton Keys, they enable you to fly over your situation and find the answers that you need, when you need them.
  7. They will give you answers! Yes, don’t we all want answers? That’s why people go to psychics and other card readers! But I am a coach and I believe that all answers are within you already…we just don’t always know it and we need a little help to access the answers. The Abaton Keys® give you easy access to all the answers you seek.

Your Special Offer

This is only for YOU, because you have been reading my blog and I am SO grateful for your presence in my life! For the month of September (from September 1st-30th, 2015 only) Buy one deck of The Abaton Keys® and get a second deck for 1/2 price! But wait, there’s more! (Sorry I couldn’t resist using that cliche!)….

In addition to this great discount, get a free 15 minute coaching session with me, using the Abaton Keys! It would give me great joy to coach you through whatever questions or challenges you are facing!

To take me up on this great offer simply go to and write “SEPT15” in the additional comments space.

Abaton Keys® spread

Inspirational Dreamers
Blog Inspirational Dreamers August 18, 2015

Inspirational Dreamers aren’t only famous dreamers or authors, but they are you and me! Even so, I find it fascinating to talk to authors who are passionate about dreaming, to hear their stories and trace the roots of their passion back to a key moment or dream. So in this way, we are ALL “Inspirational Dreamers” who can share our dream stories! When I launched my blog on Facebook, I asked prominent dreamers and authors to share the story of their journey with dreams with my followers. It was so well received that I wanted to expand it into a regular series for my blog so more people would see it. The truth is, when we share our dreams and our experiences with dreaming, we inspire others. I shared how you can become an inspirational dreamer in the original post on June 17, 2015.

Today’s Inspirational Dreamer is…Teresa DeCicco!

Teresa DeCicco

Dr. Teresa DeCicco is a Professor of Psychology at Trent University in Canada as well as an Adjunct Professor at Queen’s University and a Research Associate at  both Guelph University and the Centre for National Research in Italy.  She has published numerous scientific papers on dreams, dreaming and spiritual psychology. We first met, though not in person, when we were the featured dream experts (along with Dave King) on the same television show, In Dreams. We finally met at one of the conferences for the International Association for the Study of Dreams and once we withdrew our projections on each other, lol, we clicked over the topic of spirit and dreams! Her latest book is Living Beyond the Five Senses.

Do you remember any of your childhood dreams? What’s the earliest?

I remember many dreams from childhood because my mother asked us over breakfast if we had had any dreams during the night. In essence, we were doing breakfast dreamwork but I did not realize this for many, many years. My mother paid attention to dreams, her own and ours, so this gave me the impression very early in life that they were important.

When did you first become interested in understanding your dreams?

I became interested in understanding dream meaning when I was a graduate student doing an internship at a cancer hospital in Canada. I was part of a program to help cancer patients cope with their illness but they kept wanting to share their dreams. I quickly came to realize that their dreams had important themes such as making meaning in their illness, progression of the illness, factors for recovery, and for some, imagery of transition to death. This became very profound and important for me to understand so that was the starting point for delving into the science of the dreaming mind.

You have just written a book “Living Beyond The Five Senses”. Did dreams play a role in your healing?

Dreaming is certainly a “Beyond the Five Senses Experience”. The dreaming mind has an incredible capacity to obtain information beyond the 5 senses and we certainly do not yet understand this great mystery. Dreams will provide information for problem-solving that cannot be had during waking day. Dreams will answer questions with incubation if a dreamer really wants to know the answer. Future events are foretold in dreams before they will occur in waking day, if a dreamer is willing to pay attention. The phenomena of dreaming is a rich and complex process that provides incredible information about waking life when we pay attention to our own dreams.

If you could give one piece of advice to those who are just starting to listen to their dreams, what would it be?

One piece of advice I would suggest is to begin keeping a dream journal and begin dream interpretation with any method of interest. Once we befriend our own dreaming mind it will begin to reveal its secrets and we will be given much information for waking life. In terms of understanding our dreams we can begin with any method that works for us. Over time we can add more methods and we can delve deeper into the process. Understanding our own dreaming mind is one of the greatest adventures available to us. This is one we just don’t want to miss!!

Find out more about Dr. DeCicco’s work at: and

Follow Dr. DeCicco’s blog:

Are you ready to be an Inspirational Dreamer?

Soul Coaching® & Dream Group Season
Blog Dream Courses Soul Coaching® August 12, 2015

Soon the seasons will turn and it will be Soul Coaching® and Dream Group Season!  Ah Summer, how fast you are slipping through my fingers! I’m long past the stage where August meant chasing the last bit of sun and shopping for school supplies. (Remember the commercial, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”? That was how September felt to me.) But even so, August is a little slower, I book less clients and I get a little lazy. I had planned to redo the 28 days of the Soul Coaching program, just as a personal tune up, but I didn’t do it. (Hey, I’m human too!) I don’t know if it’s in the stars or just habit, but all of a sudden, I’ve gone from sloth to demon and I find myself shifting gears and looking to the future and planning ahead! In any case, like the bears who get ready to hibernate, in the fall we turn our attention within, inside activities in our home and inner activities for our soul. (If you live down under, this metaphor may not be working for you. Write and let me know and I’ll create a spring metaphor for you! Promise!)

Here’s What I’m Dreaming About

  • I’m dreaming about my dream groups: So far I’ve got three groups and I’m thrilled about that (2 in Toronto; 1 via conference call and private Facebook group). But I’m not done dreaming! I would love to have a dream group for parents, where they will work on their own dreams while learning how to handle their kids’ dreams. To make it easier for the parents, it should be during school hours. I’d also like to have a morning dream group. Maybe I’ll call it “Dream Clouds in My Coffee.” Too corny? That can be in person but it can easily be via Google Hangout or Skype or a conference call. The only requirement is dreamers will meet in the morning while drinking a hot cuppa something. Just putting it out there so you can help me manifest my dreams!


  • Now, for Soul Coaching® Season: New to Soul Coaching? Here’s a bit from my website…”Soul Coaching® is a 28-day process of discovery that helps you listen to the voice of your soul to gain self-understanding and align yourself with your soul’s plan for you. You will learn who you are and why you are here….Soul Coaching is a spiritual experience that offers guidance and support to help you clear out the inner debris of your life and connect with the wisdom of your soul.” I am looking to start two more Soul Coaching groups-one online; one in Toronto. Like my online dream groups, you can attend in your jammies. They will start this fall and they are wonderful ways to connect with others who will support and share your journey. They include making spirit sticks and other soul-centred projects, past life regressions and Soul Journeys, and more including one-on-one time with me for in-depth coaching.

Here’s Why You Should Join Me

Join me because you know me well enough to know that I will guide you with wisdom, kindness, insight and laughter, along with twenty one years of experience to support you.  Join me because of that small, niggling little voice within that tells you there is something to discover within yourself, something inside you that wants to be discovered and heard. Join me because for all the time you spend giving to others, you are finally ready for some “me-time”.  Join me because that dream is really not going away and you are still wondering what it meant. Join me because you are the parent of active dreamers and you want to know how to guide the little dreamers in your life. Curious? Write to me at or visit my website and sign up for my newsletter (there’s a free ebook too!) and I’ll keep you posted.

For You

Here’s something to think about as you move into the next season: Ask yourself “If I could do anything for myself this fall, what would it be?” Don’t argue with yourself over realities like time and money. What would you do if time and money weren’t an issue? Start focusing on the “what’s” and let the universe (which is actually a multiverse) figure out the “how’s”. You may want to make a “Miracle Box”- something we often make in our Soul Coaching groups- and put your dreams into it. Where attention goes, energy flows. Together, let’s help each other manifest our miracles!

And finally, I Picked a Card For You


This is from my dream healing oracle deck, The Abaton Keys® (Artist, Julia Still) and the Dreaming card invites you to use the creative powers of your dreams to create the life you want. Let’s dream together.

body-mind-spirit notes
Blog Dreamwork Hacks August 3, 2015

Don’t over think dream interpretation. Instead use your body! In our desire to get to the meaning of a dream we often turn dream interpretation into an intellectual exercise. We think and we over think. Then we google it, check with our friends, buy a 99¢ dream dictionary from the “Sale Table” at our local bookstore (that is actually disguised as a bookstore but is really a gift shop) or order ten books on the topic-not that there’s anything wrong with buying books, says the Bibliophile! While understandable, it often comes from the mistaken belief that we need an expert to tell us what your dream means. We don’t believe in our ability to solve our inner mysteries and we leave out our body which is our greatest instrument and ally in dream understanding!

Our body is an under-utilized and under-valued asset in our tool kit of self-knowledge. But how can we ignore the very filter through which all our experiences come? To my way of thinking and teaching, dreamwork without the body, is incomplete and is an intellectual exercise at best. We may get our insights and our “aha” moments, but they will be fleeting without the anchor of the body to facilitate change. Yup, it’s true…I’ve thought about this before. Ever since my training and post-graduate teaching of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method 24 years ago, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this! Here are some simple ways to include your body in your dreamwork.



         Listen to your body as you read, share or tell your dream

  • What sensations do you notice in your body as you tell your dream?
  • Do you notice tension in certain areas? Where do you feel it? Does it shift or change?
  • Do you feel different in your body or is energy released as you tell your dream?
  • Do feelings or emotions come up and if so, where do you feel that in your body do you feel them?

    Listen to your body as you hear someone else’s dream

  • Do you notice anything about the dreamer’s body as they tell their dream?
  • Does your body react in similar or different ways? What changes?
  • Is your body responding to their emotions or your own?

        Go to the body area or part where you feel “something”.

  • If that part of you had a voice what would it say?
  • We often ignore our body’s wisdom and emotion gets trapped within which, in time, can develop into chronic pain or dis-ease. Take some time to write down what your body’s voice tells you.
  • Is your head saying one thing but your heart- or any other body part- is saying another? Notice the different directions between your mind and your body. Start a dialogue and let each part express how they fell. Then see where you can find common ground or a place of compromise. Let the “either/or” within become a “both/and”!

       Play with the dream

  • Dream re-enactment can lead to amazing insights. Become each character or object in the dream and speak from that point-of-view. For instance, you dream that it is dark and you take a walk on a lonely country road with only the full moon to light your way. You can speak as the “walker” or as the “road” which might say, “ I wander past trees and rolling hills. I’m worn down over time and many travellers and people walk all over me!” You can become the dark and you can become the full moon. What does each perspective have to say?
  • See where you feel that in your body and then see if you can connect the wisdom of that point of view with anywhere in your life.

My Body….My Dream Interpretation!

If we think of our body as an ally and a friend (I know! Radical, right?) then we become our own best expert and our dream interpretations becomes fully embodied. By including the body in the discussion, we can find an interpretation makes sense for our lives, not some theoretical dreamer, and is grounded, multidimensional and whole. Here’s my advise: Don’t over-think dream interpretation: Use your body! And in so doing, you will find the meaning of your dream in a holistic way. And that’s not too shabby! You might even say, “It’s a dream come true”!