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October 2012

I’m of Two Minds: Another Way of Seeing Your Dreams

Heart-Centered Dreamwork Soul Coaching® October 12, 2012

giraffe crossing

Do dreams show us two or more ways of looking at something? Can we be “of two minds” in a dream? I came across an interesting way of conceptualizing dreams while reading the channeled work of Jane Roberts and “Seth” a non-physical entity. Seth said,

 Pretend that you are some weird creature with two faces. One face looks out upon one world [the dream reality] and one face looks out upon another world [the physical one]. Imagine further this poor creature having a brain to do with each face, and each brain interprets reality in terms of the world it looks upon. Yet the two worlds are different, and more, the creatures are Siamese twins. At the same time, imagine that these two creatures are really one, but with definite parts equipped to handle two entirely different worlds.

The subconscious, in this rather ludicrous analogy, would exist between the two brains and would enable the creature to operate as a single entity. At the same time—and this is the difficult part to explain—neither of the two faces would ever ‘see’ the other’s world. They would not be aware of each other, yet each would be fully conscious.

[Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness]

 Later, Seth mentions ways to dissolve the barriers between the two states, but I actually like his analogy very much. I like the concept that our dreams and our waking consciousness are showing us two different views of two different realities; two sides of the same coin. The rules that apply in the waking world cannot be applied to our dreams. When we begin to unpack the symbols and metaphors of our dreams, we can start with a clean slate.

In the same way, so many people I know have had their lives rearranged by job loss, illness, death, change of all kinds and certainly I am among them. And we all know someone who was touched by Hurricane Sandy at the end of October. For so many people, a clean slate is in order. What if we looked at our changing circumstances in the same way that Seth suggests we view our dreams, as two different worlds and perspectives? “Where people fly and water runs uphill” [Jeremy Taylor] and all the rules we have come to expect or accept as givens in life are different. Our changing dreams and lives are two different worlds that share a common bridge, our unconscious.

From that perspective, we can be a lot easier on ourselves as we respond to our changing circumstances with the same creativity with which we respond to our dreams. We can look for the themes and the metaphors and we can find the overarching message from our new direction in life. And most importantly, we can play with our dreams to allow their message to emerge. So the next time you are faced with a challenging life or dream situation, consider the possibility that you are of two minds about it….and that would be a good thing!

Einstein said, “The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.” In other words, to solve a problem, whether in dreams or in waking life, we have to change our minds. Our dreams, very literally, show us how to do that.


More Soul Technology

Soul Coaching® October 5, 2012

In my previous post I talked about dreams being “technology” for the soul. I’m not a technophobe and I think of technology as something that will benefit my life. Since you are reading this blog, for which technology is required, I will imagine that you share this philosophy with me, though it may be a love-hate relationship. Given my love of gadgets, I want to invite you to use another bit of soul technology- your intuition. Intuition comes in all sizes and shapes, using all or some of our various senses. Precognition, clairvoyance, clairsentience and so on are all just terms that refer to the predominant sense that is used. So for example, clairvoyance means “clear seeing” and refers to getting a visual of some sort- usually the future- as the intuitive style.

Now the problem with using your intuition for most of us is that we often cannot differentiate which is an intuitive hit, and which is the usual chatter in our brains. We are not taught that we all have intuition so we tend to think of it as a gift for the special and unique among us. Over the years, I’ve been working with my students and clients, as well as my own brain chatter and I’ve hit upon an ancient, yet modern way of cutting through the noise: synchronicity. A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. It is an outer experience that resonates or coincides with an inner experience but where no causal relationship between the two exist.


Synchronicities were used in the ancient world. In Pausanias’ “Guide to Greece” we learn that pilgrims would visit the statue of a Hermes, where they would burn incense, fill the lamps with oil, leave a coin on the altar and then ask the god a question. Then they would leave with their ears covered as they exited out into the market place. Once outside, they would uncover their ears and the first words they heard would provide the answer.


We can do this without going to Greece, in our waking lives or in our dreams. Quiet your mind and spend some time focusing on the issue for which an answer is needed, ask for guidance, then go outside and notice the first thing that grabs your attention. It just may be your intuition, or spiritual guidance, that makes you open and available to receive a message.


I remember once, while despairing over some issue and the clarity that seemed to elude me, I wrote in my journal “I just wish I could have a sign.” Then I closed the journal, forgot about it and went out to start my day. I got in my car, turned the engine on and the radio, left on, came on with it. It was just in time to hear the Five Man Electrical Band proclaiming, “Sign, sign everywhere a sign…” After I was done laughing I felt just a little less alone. I remembered that we really are guided and watched over, even when we don’t feel it, see it or know it.


To use soul technology with dreams, write in your journal before going to sleep all the pros and cons, ins and outs of any particular problem for which you would like guidance. Then ask yourself a direct, simple question that asks what you want to know regarding the problem, repeating it over and over as you fall asleep. Then when you wake up, write down anything you remember. Then see how the dream speaks to the issues even if it seems, at first, to be way off topic. Work on the dream’s meaning, then go back to your question and see how it answers it.


Watch for signs and wonders in your life, whether asleep or awake. I think you will find that your intuition will kick in and you will have discovered an ancient and wonderfully “new” technology for your soul!

Clutter Clearing

Soul Coaching® October 4, 2012

For years, clutter clearing was not on my radar. While raising four children and pursuing a career, I couldn’t seem to do it without raising piles of “stuff” as well. And by stuff I mean clutter. There was the mail on the counter, which grew seemingly on its own. There was the “junk” drawer, a large drawer of valuable space in a too small kitchen, which held… well… junk, but junk that I thought we might need someday. There were piles of laundry, piles of the kid’s toys that were never returned to their rightful place, piles and more piles of bills to pay and piles of books to read. Oh, and magazines to get to one day and shoes by the door, and never ending “to do” lists…. I’m exhausted just remembering those days. Then the kids went off to university, and then they came back with more stuff. Some moved out again, and then moved back and they came back with three times the amount of stuff they left with all of which is now in a pile in the garage.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with dreams and soul and did you click onto a parenting blog by mistake? Or, are you wondering if this a bad dream and the tag should be “nightmares”?


In my work as a Soul Coach® I specialize in de-cluttering. Unlike regular coaching that focuses on the attainment of a goal or dream, my work is to help you clear away your inner debris so that you can connect with the wisdom of your soul. So we begin in our outer world with the clutter in our homes and our offices and then we move into the clutter in our lives and our inner world and I guide you through that process. When all is done, when the inner debris of your life is cleared away, you will be left with your Self, your spirit and the calm space that will enable you to listen to the voice of your own soul.


Hearing the voice of your soul helps you find your purpose in life. Do you know why you are here? What is your mission in life? If you had two missions-one being a big mission in the world and the second a personal mission in your own life-what would it be? Dreams can also offer you answers and guidance. This requires some clearing as well. If your mind is cluttered before bedtime and your morning is cluttered when you wake up, then it is hard to catch the ephemeral messages that evaporate with the light of day. But I guarantee that you do have a purpose in your life. What if finding it was as easy as cleaning out the piles of stuff in one room?  Seems worth the try. Begin slowly and pick just one area of your home or even your car or your purse to begin with. Then spend some time in the cleared space and see how it feels. You may experience feelings of being lighter or calmer. Ask yourself, if my soul had something to tell me, what would it be? Then just listen and see what happens. Let me know!

Balance, Guilt & Other Headaches

Blog Soul Coaching® October 3, 2012

Sometimes we try to find a place of balance in our lives; the middle way. It’s a place of not too much, not too little. It encompasses a philosophy that encourages us to find the middle way in behaviour and action, habits, thought and choices in life.

I sometimes think I was born to find the Middle Way in my own life. Living most of my life as a middle child positioned me for this role and a whole lot of years later, here I am in Southern California (the land of my people, that I left behind 25 years ago) being the mediator in my mother and sisters’ drama.

Now anyone who has had to deal with aging parents and the sifting family dynamic will instantly be on the same page with me. If you haven’t had the privilege of walking with your parents down this road, let me tell you it ranges from feeling like you are walking through a mine field to balancing on a razor’s edge… Either way is guaranteed to cause injury. Somewhat like Survivor, someone is about to get voted off the island!

This whole adventure down the rabbit hole leaves me with plenty to say about the level of government help that is available (and mostly NOT available) for the down and out among us. They need is so great, and those in need are many. But for now, I really want to focus on care for the caregivers. In my case its my younger sister who is bouncing from working all day, to helping my mother, who, post-stroke, needs more help than ever, to dealing with our sick and nearly destitute older sister. Caring for our own, whether aging parent, or any other family member who is mentally or physically sick, disabled or challenged in some way, is without a doubt the hardest thing you will ever endure, or certainly in the top five! And who is talking care of the millions of care-taking heroes out there, let alone acknowledging the Sisyphean tasks that they must perform for their loved ones? No one is, so if you find yourself in this middle place of trying to find balance while talking care of others, here’s some possibilities to consider.

* Take time for yourself: I know, this often seems either cliched or impossible, but “time” can be 5 minutes of locking yourself in the bathroom to scream, to taking ten minutes to breathe, to taking an hour to walk in nature. Without taking the time to restore your energy you will run short and run down quickly.

* Ask for help: I’m in California not because I’m a great caretaker but I came to help in whatever limited way that I can, and ease the burden for my sister. People rarely volunteer to help those who have long-term patients in the family but as caretakers we can find our voice and state what we need. Put your misplaced guilt on the back burner. Asking for help doesn’t make you a bad or uncaring person.

*Detach: This may seem a strange thing to do with loved ones, but it doesn’t mean we stop loving them. It means we detach from the buttons that our family can push when under stress. Detachment means that you will be less reactive and able to help from a clear, non-hooked place. I’ve seen so many hawks while here, and every time I see them, they serve as my reminder to soar up high and circle from a higher perspective. Sometimes I can actually do it!

* Forgive: You can’t always fix things for your loved ones. Forgive yourself for not being able to fix, control or improve their situation. I’m not my mothers primary caretaker, but long-distance caring can be just as challenging, albeit differently so. Whatever your role in care-taking for a loved one, forgive yourself for not being where you expect yourself to be. Open your heart, keep it open-tho it will hurt- and give yourself the love you are already giving to loved ones.

* Listen to your dreams: It’s so easy to get pulled off that razor-thin path you are traveling just now, but the simple act of recording your dreams every day, serves to recalibrate your system and brings you back to your Self. Then, taking a moment to extract the message from the dream keeps you connected to your heart and your soul.

That’s all I can offer so far…. I’m thinking about reenacting that classic scene from Fried Green Tomatoes with Kathy Bates in the parking lot. (Don’t worry about me though. I won’t do it. Insurance costs too much and I’m driving my sister’s car!) So this brings me to one more point: Don’t lose your sense of humor! Let’s all go out and have a good belly laugh daily. Now THAT’S self care!

The Nature of Your Reality

Soul Coaching® October 2, 2012

Have you pondered the nature of your reality? At some point, you may feel the call to explore spiritual practices that are far from that old time religion of our grand parent’s day. You may begin to explore the big questions of what your purpose is and because it is a huge endeavor, and you may look for a system of guidance to help your search. But no matter where you turn, you are likely to find the spiritual laws or “rules” that are beliefs that are shared by many and are thought of as consistent as the law of gravity. They apply to all of life and afterlife; the Universe and the “Multiverse” (since we are not alone out there). Of all the laws with which spiritual seekers first come in contact, it is the law that we “create our own reality” and this is often the most difficult to understand. There is no way that I can give the topic its due in a word-counting venue, but it’s a topic worth grappling with so we can at least begin.

To be properly understood, the idea that we create our own reality needs the foundational understanding that consciousness creates form. That is easily understood when we think of an inventor first having an idea for an invention, then he or she creates it. The artist has an idea of a piece of work and then paints or creates it. Even with a spontaneous, in-the-moment creation, the thought “I’ll pick up my paint brush”, precedes the painting. So our thoughts precede the creation of form or any actions that may follow the thought. If we can agree on that, then it isn’t difficult to extend that understanding to creating our own reality.


What you believe to be true about your Self or your life will match your reality. Here’s the tricky part, most of the time those thoughts are unconscious. You are not aware of them. They may be created on a subconscious level or on a soul level, as something you planned to experience in order to grow your soul. So when faced with a horrible life situation, many people will argue “How can I have created this?” “I am the victim. I didn’t choose to be attacked or poverty stricken or riddled with cancer….” or any other difficult life situation you can name.


The fact is that we cannot control very much in life other than ourselves, but how we think about our Selves, our lives and how life works will color the very life situations we find ourselves in. And when we find ourselves in situations that we never would have consciously chosen for ourselves, in which we feel like we had “no choice”, we can nevertheless choose how we will react. If we can master those situations by choosing how we react, then we can begin to see that we can choose our thoughts and our reality.


To honestly understand how this works in you, try meditating and imagining yourself sitting by the bank of a river watching your thoughts float by. No reaction or engagement with your thoughts is necessary. This simple practice will enable you to begin to discern which thoughts you are thinking, which thoughts are helpful to your life and which are not. Once you are aware of these thoughts, you have a choice. You can choose to think different thoughts! In this simple practice, you may just discover the nature of your reality, and from this place of pure awareness, create something new.