Just 3 Words
Blog Dreamsharing Heart-Centered Dreamwork January 7, 2016

The Dream

“Just Three Words” is what I’m calling this recent dream. I dreamt the following:

I am in some busy place, as if a house (but not my house) has been taken over by President Obama’s staff and political team. I happen to catch Obama alone at a buffet table so I say, “I used to teach calligraphy so if you ever need something calligraphed, I’m happy to do it.” He responds, “As a matter of fact, there is something you can do.” He wants a certificate for his girls and gives me a phrase to write. I can’t remember what it was but it was just three words, descriptive in nature. I take the piece of paper that it’s written on, but when I look at what it actually says, I think it needs more than just those three words or else it’s just a fragment, an incomplete sentence and will just look like some random words. I go back to him to suggest that we add a word like “congratulations” or whatever is appropriate to the occasion so that it will be more clear. Now he’s really pissed off with me for bothering him! I think that this is a side of his personality that he doesn’t show the public. He’s not a very nice man.

(Reality Check: I used to do and teach calligraphy. I let that go years ago. No conversations about Obama prior to having the dream,  although I heard him on the news in the other room (I wasn’t really paying attention so can’t say what he was talking about, but I think it was some political-speak on gun ownership.)

The Juice

So after listening to the thoughts, feelings and projections from my dream group and working on it with a dear dream friend, here’s what has the most energy for me. This, by the way is the easiest way to get into your dream….Follow the juiciest parts! It was the feeling of trying to please an important person, who I wanted to think well of me. When I look at my life, I connect to this right away, having grown up with the “Disease to Please”. Like many empathic children we become sensitive to the subtle cues that tell us if we’re ok or not. So I look at this and think to myself, “this again?” Who am I trying to please and impress in waking life? Only one person comes to mind and I’m sitting with this and mulling it over. But even in wanting his approval, I still spoke up and wanted to do the calligraphy in a professional way. In my youth I wouldn’t have spoken up. Ok so there’s been some growth, lol! This is good. And as a calligrapher, or any artist who creates something for a buyer, there is always some tension between what pleases our artistic self v. what pleases the customer. This is an important tension to explore, for a “pleaser”. What pleases me? I’m always at the bottom of my list, sadly. (That’s another life-long “Blesson” – blessing + lesson to work on.) Time to make some shifts!

There’s another way to look at this dream as there are always many ways to do dreamwork, and I ask myself “What is my presidential self?” While I haven’t liked every thing Obama has done politically, I would describe him as intelligent and articulate, caring and well-grounded in his family’s love…..and an historic groundbreaker. What part of myself is at the buffet table of life? What part of me is the perfectionist/artist, what part of me is a leader-of-the-free world self? and there is more to explore, the house, the buffet table, the certificate, the president’s public and private self, and of course, the anger. Is someone in waking life bringing out my pissed off self?

The Words

A while back, on ABC ‘s morning news, did a bit on “Your Three Words and asked: How much can you say in just three words? Can you express your thoughts, your feelings, your sadness or joy? Could your three words be a celebration of a special event, or a thought on everyday life? The response was tremendous and as I think about the forgotten three words that I was to calligraph, I think this would be a creative way to honour my dream and bring it into my waking life.

I’m not sure which three wordsI’ll choose but I’m playing with “Love-Lead-Write” for now. I wonder what your three words would be? What three words bring your dream (and/or your life) together in a way expresses your truth? Post your three words below. I’d love to hear from you!

workshop flyer
Dream Courses Heart-Centered Dreamwork November 5, 2015

What do dreams, healing & intuition have to do with each other? Only everything! In the ancient world of the Mediterranean basin, people would travel to the healing temples to dream and find a cure for their illnesses. They took steps to bring themselves into sacred space, not only the sacred space of the temple but to find sacred space within themselves, to purify body, mind and spirit, then ask for help from the god of healing, Asklepios (in Greece). Cure would come in their dreams and they would awaken in the Abaton (the sleeping chamber) cured or with a prescription for cure. This practice lasted for over one thousand years so I’m guessing it was rather successful and considered worthwhile!

But we don’t have to remember a past life to benefit from the ancient ways. We can do this in our own lives, two thousand years later. Our dreams carry our intuitive sense of what we need to reach the whole and sacred space within us. Dreams, healing & intuition were used in a synergistic way to bring about healing. With easy guidance, I will help you crack the code!

I will be teaching this ancient method together with dream work and intuition (and using my dream healing oracle deck, The Abaton Keys®, on Sunday, November 15th, 2015, 12-5 pm) at The Rising Sun in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Your own personal mini-reading will be part of the mix! I will guide participants in this ancient, healing path so whether it is dreams, healing or intuition that calls to you first, you will learn to use all three to lead you on your true path to healing. Contact me to register, patti@pattiallen.com


conversations on letting go
Blog Dreamsharing October 27, 2015

Conversations on letting go. Yes, it’s time for those difficult conversations. But first, I’ve been away and I apologize for that. My mother has been diagnosed with a form of dementia and that is a huge transition for her and for me. If you are only interested in dreams and dreaming, then you will find tons of posts on that topic that will find helpful and interesting, but if I’m going to be honest in my blogging, I have to admit my head is in a different space right now….though this post does touch on my dreams. I hope you will hang in there with me to the end…….

If you read my September 20, 2015 post on death entitled “In Which Patti Learns Her Dream Job, you will know that I am dipping my toes in the waters of grief and bereavement professionally. Not a moment too soon. My mother isn’t actively dying yet (let’s face it, we are all one step closer to death every day), but I feel like I’m watching her die in slow motion. She doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia that many are unfortunately familiar with, but she likely has vascular dementia, or “vascular cognitive impairment [VCI]”. I say likely because the psychiatrist that diagnosed her didn’t bother to go into those details and is more interested in the cocktail of drugs that will hold down her paranoid delusions and keep her behaviour stable. She still reads, remembers details and knows who we are but her lucidity is interrupted by agitation, delusions and difficulty finding the right words or confusion that the doctors say will increase over time. The mother I know is disappearing. And this is sad beyond words.


Not that my mother is perfect but she’s the only mother I have in this life and I do love her, difficult personality and all. So I find I’m grieving the loss of who she was as well as the loss of the perfect mother I wanted. Have you been there? If you are reading this (I still wonder who reads these blog posts or if they are wandering in cyberspace, only to be read by some aliens, 2000 light years in my future.) feel free to share your experiences with losing a parent to dementia in the comments below.

As all this was unfolding over the summer-  though for a few years, really- I dreamt that,

I am teaching or leading a group and many of the Dream Association members are there. My mother calls on the phone and without pausing to say “hello” she launches into a long story about her latest problem. I finally succeed in interrupting her and tell her that, “I can’t talk now. I have a group.” She doesn’t stop talking and I ask, “What happened to my real mother?” I mention that in the past, my mother would have said, “Ok, call me when you’re done and then hang up.” EOD [End of Dream]

And another dream fragment,

I dream that mom is able to walk [which she cannot do in waking life] but is a very small version of herself, maybe 4′ tall. [EOD]

There have been other dreams which I believe are helping me process the changes. Even when my mother doesn’t appear in my dreams, the issues do. In my dreams I am making decisions, choosing between this or that. I have my typical anxiety dreams, where I’m not ready for whatever the dream action presents. In another dream, I am attacked by a doctor’s son. I fight tooth and nail but no one comes to my aid. I think that about says it all.

In our death-phobic society, no one really wants to talk about death, but even more shocking is that no one wants to talk about grief and letting go. What I’m experiencing is “anticipatory grief” and very few people want to talk about that except for professionals in that field! “At least your mom is still with you.” “At least she still knows who you are.” There are often a lot of unhelpful platitudes offered family members going through this.  Short of support groups, who are doing great work by the way, I would love to start an on-going conversation in the general population about grief, loss and letting go. After all, we ALL will experience loss. And loss can be about things other than death. The loss of a job, loss of a relationship or friendship, the loss of health, and even the loss of hopes and dreams are all losses! Admittedly there are a few organizations who are helping people talk about loss, but let’s move the conversations on letting go and loss out into those crazy “interwebs”…where you found this post!


Inspirational Dreamers
Blog Inspirational Dreamers October 16, 2015

Jenny Alexander

Jenny Alexander is a true Inspirational Dreamer- a prolific author and creative tutor who uses dreams in her writing practice and teaches creative dream-working for writers as well as more mainstream workshops on the art and craft of writing. Her first book was published in 1994 and since then she has written scores of fiction and non-fiction books for children and several for adults. Her adult books include two practical handbooks for writers, Writing in the House of Dreams and When a Writer Isn’t Writing: How to Beat Your Blocks, Be Published and Find Your Flow.

Do you remember any childhood dreams? If so, what’s the earliest?

When I was about five years old, I dreamt I was riding along my road on a horse-and-cart, on a sunny summer day. The horse was trotting happily, and the cart was full-to-overflowing with gold coins that jumped and jingled and sparkled in the sun. Everyone came out of their houses to wave as I went by. I liked that dream so much that I used to deliberately go back into it every night, as soon as I closed my eyes. It made me fall asleep with a smile on my face.

When did you first get interested in understanding your dreams? How did that unfold for you?

When I was in my second year of university I started having nightmares about killing myself, waking up at the point when I was about to put my finger in the light socket, or turn on the gas, or jump off a high building. One night I woke to find that I had indeed climbed out of my third-floor window in my sleep and was, as I’d been dreaming, standing on the ledge outside. I thought my dreams were trying to kill me. It didn’t occur to me that I could try to understand them until I went into therapy after my sister’s suicide, a few years later. I told the psychiatrist about the terrifying dreams I’d had and was still having, and he encouraged me to record them and bring them to our sessions.

How did dreams play a role in your life, whether in decision making or in healing?

Dreams have always played a huge role in my life. They provide depth and context for my waking experience, but I only interpret my dreams if the interpretation is obvious, and then it doesn’t feel like a process of interpretation so much as a conversation between close friends. Just as important to me is the opportunity dreams offer to go beyond waking life into a completely different and unrelated world, which can only happen when we let go of the idea of interpreting and treat them as experiences for the self, in exactly the same way as we treat the experiences of waking life.

If you could give one piece of advice to those who are just starting to listen to their dreams, what would it be?

Simply that. Listen. Be receptive. Observe. Don’t demand explanations and try to manipulate meanings. Be patient. Meaning will emerge naturally over time, as you begin to see how and where your dreams resonate with your waking experiences, as well as how and where they don’t.

Anything else you’d like to share about dreams?

Dreams are pure imaginative substance; if you can let go of looking for psychological explanations they can be an endless, vibrant source of inspiration and ideas for creative work.


You can reach Jenny through her website: www.jennyalexander.co.uk or her blog: www.writinginthehouseofdreams.com

Inspirational Dreamers
Inspirational Dreamers October 2, 2015

Gayle Delaney

Do you remember any childhood dreams? If so, what’s the earliest?

I know I had some, but I thought nothing of them. I thought dreams were nothing particularly of interest. I didn’t think evil of them, I just didn’t hear about dreams from anyone.

When did you first get interested in understanding your dreams? How did that unfold for you?

I was living in France and when visiting home, my boyfriend gave me Edgar Cayce’s book, The Sleeping Prophet. It wasn’t something I wanted to read but if you ask for a recommendation, you owe it to that person to read it. I read it and had a knockout dream that ended all my existential angst. I woke up from that and was no longer anxious about the meaning of life, social or spiritual enlightenment. I got enough to know that life is just fine and my job is to bring cheer in life. And that underlying the real pain and disgusting wretchedness of life is joy and beauty and it’s my job to work at that….I was convinced and liberated from worrying about the meaning of life. That was 1970. It was a very liberating dream! That dream was extraordinary. I had rosy cheeks for 3 weeks and that wasn’t typical for me! That’s what turned me on to dreams. After that dream, which needed no interpretation, I wondered how come our educational system doesn’t teach this? I knew nothing about it [dreams] and only read silly things about dreams.

How did dreams play a role in your life, whether in decision-making or in healing?

Yes, in every aspect of life! Career choice for one. I was going to go back to Princeton in fund-raising (I thought I should make a living). I had dream after dream telling me, “No, don’t do it!” When I said yes to the radio job (the first satellite radio show in Seattle) I had a dream that basically congratulated me for my decision.

In my relationships… Dreams helped me divorce. Dreams helped me get over my guilt at leaving a good man.

Dreams to help me [ice] skate better. On buying houses….not psychic dreams, but dreams that help me think better. My dreams have never given me a bum steer and I’ve used them tons in my life. But I only use them when it makes sense to me in waking. I have ignored dreams that said, “Absolutely don’t be in a relationship with this guy.” A wonderful man….But I decided on my own, in my own time…but the dream was right! And eventually they helped me through it.

They have helped me with diet, health, exercise…. My dreams have given me “B12 shots” Metaphorical energy –accelerating my perception of beauty and love.

If you could give one piece of advice to those who are just starting to listen to their dreams, what would it be?

Don’t let anyone tell you what your dream means. Don’t become a follower. Figure it out for yourself. (There are ways to do that.) Don’t follow other people’s (or other systems’ and theories’) interpretations. Find a way to know what it means that holds true in all your dreams and your waking consciousness. Learn to understand metaphor.

Dr. Delaney can be reached at www.smartdreams.net.

dream job
Blog Dreamsharing September 20, 2015

Would you change your life because of a dream? I always encourage dreamers to get the dream’s message and do something in waking life to honour the dream; to bring its message to conscious light for growth and for change. But would you do it? Do you really want to shift your life based on a dream? Most people love to get clarity about their dream and their life but don’t actually want anything to change, which can be very uncomfortable. People fear change, I’m told, more than they fear death! I am no different but I decided that I need to practice what I preach. Of course this puts me in a tight spot vis à vis the change or death choice!


The Dream

I was walking with a rather tall man in robes- maybe 7′ tall- in a quadrangle, a large courtyard in what felt like a campus setting. He says, “Your job is death.” I ask, “Well how do you mean it? Symbolically or literally? As a psychotherapist my clients have mini-deaths, (symbolic endings and releases) all the time.” But before he can answer, I am awakened. End of dream. 

Since that dream, nine years ago, I have looked at it every which way possible and it never produced an “aha” of new insight. Maybe it was simply a confirmation that I’m on the right track but I follow the wisdom of Jeremy Taylor who says that dreams don’t come to tell us what we already know. I know all about the symbolic ways of death; the endings, letting go, new beginnings and the symbolic fires that scorch our souls so that something new can grow from the charred but enriched inner destruction. Nine years of working on that dream off and on simply produced “Ya, I know that” kind of reactions. So I decided to take the dream literally. The man in robes had the feel of a teacher or guide (perhaps from other realms) and since all the symbolic approaches got me no where, I thought I had nothing to lose by going literal.

The Action


So I signed up for a series of courses at the University of Toronto on grief and bereavement. There’s another course I’m eyeing too. Will it change my life or the direction of my work? It’s too soon to say. However, I know I’ve run from this interpretation for a reason. Years ago, I helped start a charity whose goal was to create a hospice and when I left, I couldn’t get far enough away from the topic, though that wasn’t the reason I left. I just felt gun-shy and started avoiding the field, even though I passionately agree with everything about the hospice movement. Of course my “job is death” could be about the dying process or the grieving process. [On an interesting side note, a psychic once told me that I was a “rescuer”! Not an emotional rescuer but one who apparently helps people who don’t know they are dead, get to the other side. Supposedly I do this in my sleep and that’s why I wake up so tired! And I do wake up tired!] But again, why would the dream tell me what I already know? Dreams bring forth material from our subconscious that we are ready to look at. They may also carry precognitive and other psychic information. In either case, it won’t be old material.

A Dream Uninterpreted is Like a Letter Unopened~ The Talmud

death at psychiatrist

This quote from the Talmud is right! We are getting nightly letters from our unconscious mind, our higher mind and sources beyond that, so how long will we let the mail pile up? It’s time to open our letters. Spend some time with a dream and get someone to help you if you are stuck. Once you feel you know what it means, here are seven ideas to move the dream and its messages into your waking life.

  1. Post it! Write the message on a Post It note and stick it on your bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car or on your computer monitor. You can even put it on your phone and see it every time you power on. It will help keep the dream’s message in your conscious awareness.
  2. Stick it! When was the last time you added a bumper sticker to your car? You can imagine (or even create an actual bumper sticker) that the message of your dream was put into a clever phrase and made into a bumper sticker. Every time you walk up to your car, you will be reminded of your message.
  3. Draw it! You don’t have to be an artist to draw your dream. Stick figures can show the dream action just as a crayon scribble can show emotion. Doodle your dream message and stick it on your fridge or draw your dream, photograph it and put it on your computer as a screen saver.
  4. Move it! Just as you don’t have to be an artist to draw a dream, you don’t have to be a dancer to move it! Put on some music and move the feeling of the dream through your body and out, or beat a drum and move your message using rhythm and movement.
  5. Create it! Creating the message of your dream isn’t just for drawing. You can make a Dream Stick by taking a walk and as you think about your dream, glance around for a stick and see what appears. Decorate it with string, yarn, beads, feather and whatever you have on hand, in a way that expresses the feel of your dream. If you like to write, create a poem, short story or blog about your dream.
  6. Learn it! As in my “your job is death” dream, see if there is a course you can take, or a new skill that the dream is encouraging your to learn. One of my daughters dreamt about riding a bike, then went out and taught herself to do it!
  7. Do it! Speaking of “do it”… Don’t wait nine years like I did. Experiment. Take action. Explore something new. In a quickly changing world, change is the only constant. We might as well embrace it…and do it!

So, at the end of the day, would you change your life because of a dream? I’m going to try and before I know it, I may be adding coaching for loss and bereavement. Who knows? But to leave my dream, to abandon it,  without taking action in the waking world would just be too sad. What a waste. Will you join me? Will you change your life because of a dream?  Let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

dreamwork with heart
Blog Heart-Centered Dreamwork September 10, 2015

How to do dreamwork with heart? I call the work I do “Heart-Centered Dreamwork” with good reason and I can teach you to do it too!

But first, the back-story! My training was in body-centered psychotherapy (though it is no longer referred to as such) called the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® back in the 90’s. (Yes I’ve been doing the work for a long time!)  The work is powerfully amazing as it combines talk and touch. The “talk” grew out of Gestalt therapy and focuses on the present; the “I am” rather than “I was” statements. After all, whatever happened to us in the past, we can still only process it in the present moment. And the “touch”, a light Reiki-like touch rather than the deeper touch of massage, grew out of the founder’s experience with Feldenkrais work and the Alexander Technique. But what happened when Ilana Rubenfeld combined the three methods, with a dash of Eriksonian trance work, was true “synergy” as it became more than either of the individual methods were on their own. I learned so much from doing this work for myself and, as a “Synergist”, I learned how to open up a dialogue between my client’s emotions, their physical stuck places and chronic pain or illnesses and eventually, even their soul. That lead me to Soul Coaching® because whatever door we enter through- body, mind or emotions-they all lead to our heart and soul.

Fast forward to now. Along the path, I discovered that my passion is dreams and I followed my passion and continue to use the tools I gathered along the way. I studied with Denise Linn and added Soul Coaching® to my tool kit and became one of her Mentors for her online courses for Hay House (I highly recommend them!), but I had also been trained by Robert Moss and became a dream teacher, I satisfied my intellect and got a Master’s degree studying dreams and their role in healing in ancient Greece and I studied with Caroline Myss for the pure pleasure of delving into the Mysteries… And my tool kit continued to grow as I studied energy healing, became a Reiki Master, and learned to do Past Life Regressions! When I paused to look back over the road I had travelled, I saw that the common thread wasn’t dreams or the body, psychotherapy or one particular technique, it was the heart and soul!  The path I took was a path following my curiosity but mainly, it was the path to heal my heart. I discovered that dreams were the technology of Soul- perhaps it’s the “hardware” giving us the structure or a framework for exploration-  but without the heart there was no “software” to operate the system!

As a Rubenfeld Synergist I learned to listen. I learned to hold my clients in a state of active listening, without judgement and with respect, while holding the space for them to “become” themselves. I learned to meet them where they are and not where I think they should be. Years later, Denise Linn said “The instant you judge someone, you lose the ability to influence them” and I understood the “why” of no judgement. How can I model self-respect, healing and growth if I don’t give my heart to my clients show them how I practice what I teach? Can you do dreamwork without the heart? Certainly, however it is a intellectual pursuit when the heart isn’t part of the process. You might think I learned this for myself then shared it with my clients, but it was the opposite! I learned to treat my clients from a heart-centered space of love and respect, then I started to treat myself like I treat my clients. Some of us learn arse-backwards but hey, at least we learn! At the end of the day, the Golden Rule rocks! Treat others in the same way you wish to be treated…Or my version, treat yourself with the same love and respect that you freely give to everyone else!

How To Do Dreamwork With Heart

  • Read through your dream and ask, “Where do I feel this in my body?” Don’t forget that we are spirit having an experience in the physical. Ignoring the vessel through which we experience our emotions and our life, is not the path of heart. Put one hand on the spot where you feel the dream’s emotions and your other hand on your heart.
  • Ask the body part to speak to you. What does it want you to know? Your knee might simply say, “I hurt”.
  • Now ask your heart to respond to that body part. What is the most loving response your heart can give? It might say, “I’m so very sorry! I’ve been putting so much weight (responsibility) on you without thinking how painful this is. I promise to treat you with more TLC!”
  • Next, imagine your closest friend was sharing this dream and conversation with you. By the way, you ARE your closest friend! With your hand still on the place where you felt the dream and the other hand over your heart, imagine it opening wide, encircling you with love. Do you notice a colour or any other sensations? The physical and energetic experience of your visualization may help you really feel it.
  • Now from that place of total self-acceptance, ask “If I knew what this dream’s message is, what would it be? You’ll be surprised how you really do know what your dream asks of you. If not, give some more love to yourself and practice patience.
  • Use oracle cards to help you find the dream’s meaning. (My own deck of The Abaton Keys® or any deck you love will be perfect. Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards are my second fav!)  When you feel stuck, picking a card can help you by-pass the rational mind to get to your intuitive answers.

Really, dreamwork and personal growth are an inside job. It is the job of the heart.


the abaton keys
Blog Dreamwork Hacks Heart-Centered Dreamwork Soul Coaching® August 30, 2015

I love The Abaton Keys®, my dream healing oracle deck! Hey wait just a minute. Didn’t you create them, you ask? Well yes, but that’s not why I love them! Give me a moment of your time and I promise to explain. And for your patience, I will end with a special offer!

Back in the day, around 800 years before the Common Era, stories were circulating about a Hero- the offspring of a mortal and a god. His name was Asklepios. His father, Apollo, killed his mother in a jealous rage, and in a moment of either compassion (or Narcissism), he plucked the unborn infant from his mother’s funeral pire, and gave him to Chiron the Centaur to raise. Chiron was the archetypal Wounded Healer and raised Asklepios with the knowledge of herbs and the healing ways. Soon Asklepios was elevated to “god” status and came to be known as the god of healing.

Here’s the part that’s really cool… Pilgrims in search of healing would travel long distances and wait to be called into the Abaton- the sleeping chamber. There they would prepare to meet the god in their dreams and awaken healed or with instructions for healing. Let me repeat, all this happen in their dreams! This practice lasted for one thousand years, from 500 BCE (before the Common Era) to 500 CE so I like to think that people were finding value in it!

Fast forward amost 2,000 years and my interest in this practice was piqued in a way that could not be explained in logical ways. I had read Edward Tick’s book The Practice of Dream Healing and I was smitten with the Greek healing bug! I even found a way to write about the topic for my Masters. But there was a creative project about to emerge- The Abaton Keys®- and with the help of artist Julia Still, I gave birth to my dream healing oracle deck. I named them after the sleeping chamber where healing dreams took place and called them “keys” because I believe that we each hold the key to our own healing.

turning point

Believe it or not, I created these cards for people like me who think too much. Through my work with Denise Linn (see the link on the right), I discovered that the simple act of clearing my mind to focus on a question, then picking a card, enabled me to bypass my logical brain so that intuitive information could come through. Are you anything like me? Having a meditative ritual like picking an oracle card (see below), is all you need to do begin to harvest the wisdom and intuitive “hits” that dwell within. The feedback has been great and most people are getting insightful help in just the way they need it. Here’s but a small sample….

…The Abaton Keys are a very unique deck; using the wisdom of the ancients of old, the Abaton Keys give you a very deep, insightful and most importantly of all truthful perspective of any situation. I have not unfortunately as yet had the pleasure of using the deck with clients, but in my own personal use i have found the cards to be invaluable. Part of what makes these cards so special is the way they are cleverly divided into four suits, (the drama suit, medicine suit, wisdom suit and ritual suit); through making the deck this way, I find that the cards connect you deeply to not only your souls wisdom, but also allow you to experience the spiritual in a meaningful way. Another aspect of why I find these cards so special is the wonderful card spreads that are suggested at the beginning of the book. I have used the spreads several times now for myself and have found the messages brought forth to be deeply healing. Overall I would not hesitate to recommend the Abaton Keys to anyone who is truly interested in experiencing a deeply healing, spiritual and soulful experience, either for themselves or in use for others. Z.T. Uk.


The Abaton Keys is a beautiful deck that allows for clarity of dreams and messages of the soul. I have used this deck with clients for daily insights and for a 4 element reading. Clients have been astounded as to the accuracy of the cards. I highly recommend The Abaton Keys. The illustrations are so beautiful!  C.Lake, Texas

Which brings me to my list of reasons why you’ll love them too!

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Abaton Keys®

  1. They will help you bypass your rational mind: I don’t know about you but I think too much! These intuitive tools never fail to help me get out of my head and into my heart. They are truly heart opening.
  2. Through the Keys, you will tap into your intuition: So often we hear a little voice saying something of an intuitive nature and we rationalize the reasons to do the opposite! Or, for some, it’s drowned out in the noise or confusion of our many other thoughts. The Abaton Keys, will help you find your intuition in all that noise.
  3. The Keys enable you to align with ancient wisdom from Greece and other past lives: These cards were inspired by the wisdom I studied for my masters’ degree but I suspect I was drawing on a past life in ancient Greece as well. The four suits reflect different aspects of life in Greece 2000 years ago, including Philosophy and philosophers, Greek tragedies and comedies, ancient healing practices and the mysterious world of intuition and divination.
  4. The Abaton Keys connect you with your own Higher Self: By-passing the rational mind is the first step but coming into silence and connecting with the guardian of your deck will allow you access to your Higher Self and information that you never imagined you could know!
  5. They are a simple and elegant tool for centering and meditation: Not all uses for this deck need to be complex spreads! One of the most popular uses is for centering oneself, grounding and in meditation. Pick one key and breathe deeply and the benefits of this deck will be put to immediate use!
  6. They give you the “Hawk’s view” of your problems, your questions or your life: We are often too close to our problems to get a clear picture on what choices to make or direction to go in. When you use The Abaton Keys, they enable you to fly over your situation and find the answers that you need, when you need them.
  7. They will give you answers! Yes, don’t we all want answers? That’s why people go to psychics and other card readers! But I am a coach and I believe that all answers are within you already…we just don’t always know it and we need a little help to access the answers. The Abaton Keys® give you easy access to all the answers you seek.

Your Special Offer

This is only for YOU, because you have been reading my blog and I am SO grateful for your presence in my life! For the month of September (from September 1st-30th, 2015 only) Buy one deck of The Abaton Keys® and get a second deck for 1/2 price! But wait, there’s more! (Sorry I couldn’t resist using that cliche!)….

In addition to this great discount, get a free 15 minute coaching session with me, using the Abaton Keys! It would give me great joy to coach you through whatever questions or challenges you are facing!

To take me up on this great offer simply go to http://www.pattiallen.com/the-abaton-keys-a-dream-healing-oracle-deck-by-patti-allen/ and write “SEPT15” in the additional comments space.

Abaton Keys® spread

Inspirational Dreamers
Blog Inspirational Dreamers August 18, 2015

Inspirational Dreamers aren’t only famous dreamers or authors, but they are you and me! Even so, I find it fascinating to talk to authors who are passionate about dreaming, to hear their stories and trace the roots of their passion back to a key moment or dream. So in this way, we are ALL “Inspirational Dreamers” who can share our dream stories! When I launched my blog on Facebook, I asked prominent dreamers and authors to share the story of their journey with dreams with my followers. It was so well received that I wanted to expand it into a regular series for my blog so more people would see it. The truth is, when we share our dreams and our experiences with dreaming, we inspire others. I shared how you can become an inspirational dreamer in the original post on June 17, 2015.

Today’s Inspirational Dreamer is…Teresa DeCicco!

Teresa DeCicco

Dr. Teresa DeCicco is a Professor of Psychology at Trent University in Canada as well as an Adjunct Professor at Queen’s University and a Research Associate at  both Guelph University and the Centre for National Research in Italy.  She has published numerous scientific papers on dreams, dreaming and spiritual psychology. We first met, though not in person, when we were the featured dream experts (along with Dave King) on the same television show, In Dreams. We finally met at one of the conferences for the International Association for the Study of Dreams and once we withdrew our projections on each other, lol, we clicked over the topic of spirit and dreams! Her latest book is Living Beyond the Five Senses.

Do you remember any of your childhood dreams? What’s the earliest?

I remember many dreams from childhood because my mother asked us over breakfast if we had had any dreams during the night. In essence, we were doing breakfast dreamwork but I did not realize this for many, many years. My mother paid attention to dreams, her own and ours, so this gave me the impression very early in life that they were important.

When did you first become interested in understanding your dreams?

I became interested in understanding dream meaning when I was a graduate student doing an internship at a cancer hospital in Canada. I was part of a program to help cancer patients cope with their illness but they kept wanting to share their dreams. I quickly came to realize that their dreams had important themes such as making meaning in their illness, progression of the illness, factors for recovery, and for some, imagery of transition to death. This became very profound and important for me to understand so that was the starting point for delving into the science of the dreaming mind.

You have just written a book “Living Beyond The Five Senses”. Did dreams play a role in your healing?

Dreaming is certainly a “Beyond the Five Senses Experience”. The dreaming mind has an incredible capacity to obtain information beyond the 5 senses and we certainly do not yet understand this great mystery. Dreams will provide information for problem-solving that cannot be had during waking day. Dreams will answer questions with incubation if a dreamer really wants to know the answer. Future events are foretold in dreams before they will occur in waking day, if a dreamer is willing to pay attention. The phenomena of dreaming is a rich and complex process that provides incredible information about waking life when we pay attention to our own dreams.

If you could give one piece of advice to those who are just starting to listen to their dreams, what would it be?

One piece of advice I would suggest is to begin keeping a dream journal and begin dream interpretation with any method of interest. Once we befriend our own dreaming mind it will begin to reveal its secrets and we will be given much information for waking life. In terms of understanding our dreams we can begin with any method that works for us. Over time we can add more methods and we can delve deeper into the process. Understanding our own dreaming mind is one of the greatest adventures available to us. This is one we just don’t want to miss!!

Find out more about Dr. DeCicco’s work at: www.livingbeyondthefivesenses.com and www.teresadecicco.org

Follow Dr. DeCicco’s blog: http://livingbeyondthefivesenses.com/2015/06/08/the-girl-next-door/

Are you ready to be an Inspirational Dreamer?

Soul Coaching® & Dream Group Season
Blog Dream Courses Soul Coaching® August 12, 2015

Soon the seasons will turn and it will be Soul Coaching® and Dream Group Season!  Ah Summer, how fast you are slipping through my fingers! I’m long past the stage where August meant chasing the last bit of sun and shopping for school supplies. (Remember the commercial, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”? That was how September felt to me.) But even so, August is a little slower, I book less clients and I get a little lazy. I had planned to redo the 28 days of the Soul Coaching program, just as a personal tune up, but I didn’t do it. (Hey, I’m human too!) I don’t know if it’s in the stars or just habit, but all of a sudden, I’ve gone from sloth to demon and I find myself shifting gears and looking to the future and planning ahead! In any case, like the bears who get ready to hibernate, in the fall we turn our attention within, inside activities in our home and inner activities for our soul. (If you live down under, this metaphor may not be working for you. Write and let me know and I’ll create a spring metaphor for you! Promise!)

Here’s What I’m Dreaming About

  • I’m dreaming about my dream groups: So far I’ve got three groups and I’m thrilled about that (2 in Toronto; 1 via conference call and private Facebook group). But I’m not done dreaming! I would love to have a dream group for parents, where they will work on their own dreams while learning how to handle their kids’ dreams. To make it easier for the parents, it should be during school hours. I’d also like to have a morning dream group. Maybe I’ll call it “Dream Clouds in My Coffee.” Too corny? That can be in person but it can easily be via Google Hangout or Skype or a conference call. The only requirement is dreamers will meet in the morning while drinking a hot cuppa something. Just putting it out there so you can help me manifest my dreams!


  • Now, for Soul Coaching® Season: New to Soul Coaching? Here’s a bit from my website…”Soul Coaching® is a 28-day process of discovery that helps you listen to the voice of your soul to gain self-understanding and align yourself with your soul’s plan for you. You will learn who you are and why you are here….Soul Coaching is a spiritual experience that offers guidance and support to help you clear out the inner debris of your life and connect with the wisdom of your soul.” I am looking to start two more Soul Coaching groups-one online; one in Toronto. Like my online dream groups, you can attend in your jammies. They will start this fall and they are wonderful ways to connect with others who will support and share your journey. They include making spirit sticks and other soul-centred projects, past life regressions and Soul Journeys, and more including one-on-one time with me for in-depth coaching.

Here’s Why You Should Join Me

Join me because you know me well enough to know that I will guide you with wisdom, kindness, insight and laughter, along with twenty one years of experience to support you.  Join me because of that small, niggling little voice within that tells you there is something to discover within yourself, something inside you that wants to be discovered and heard. Join me because for all the time you spend giving to others, you are finally ready for some “me-time”.  Join me because that dream is really not going away and you are still wondering what it meant. Join me because you are the parent of active dreamers and you want to know how to guide the little dreamers in your life. Curious? Write to me at patti@pattiallen.com or visit my website www.pattiallen.com and sign up for my newsletter (there’s a free ebook too!) and I’ll keep you posted.

For You

Here’s something to think about as you move into the next season: Ask yourself “If I could do anything for myself this fall, what would it be?” Don’t argue with yourself over realities like time and money. What would you do if time and money weren’t an issue? Start focusing on the “what’s” and let the universe (which is actually a multiverse) figure out the “how’s”. You may want to make a “Miracle Box”- something we often make in our Soul Coaching groups- and put your dreams into it. Where attention goes, energy flows. Together, let’s help each other manifest our miracles!

And finally, I Picked a Card For You


This is from my dream healing oracle deck, The Abaton Keys® (Artist, Julia Still) and the Dreaming card invites you to use the creative powers of your dreams to create the life you want. Let’s dream together.